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Originally Posted by rockmanmegaman View Post
Cool! Thanks for the bug report. I've fixed all tile glitch for my next beta. See the screenshot =).

I got no idea about the rival lol. Thanks, but where is he standing like what route?

The infinity full heal was done intentionally to make sure player wouldn't use up all the Full Heal, so they can complete the event. Idk, luxury I suppose =).
Yay! Thanks! looking forward for the next beta. oh, the rival stands on Route 22, west of viridian city, I thought of fighting him but he won't respond .

Oh by the way, I found a new bug? don't know if its a real one though .
Anyways, here, after I have beaten Brock, every time I heal my pokemon, the game restarts on its own. This thing never happened at first though until i have beaten Brock.

Edit: Oh hey. It's fixed, I went all the way to viridian city and used the pokemon center there, and when I got back, its working again

Pewter City Pokemon Center

Edit 2:
I've found some things again while playing sorry . lol .

1. A non-functioning sign.

2. In cerulean city, I can't enter this house no matter how .

3. Some Tile glitches again.

4. This. T.T The game froze here

Hope it helps and be fixed on the next beta