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Well, I would suggest buying a theme deck from a set that you know you want to collect, since you primarily want to be a collector. A theme deck is definitely a good idea if you want to play also, since boosters no longer carry energy.

Personally, I think PlasmaShadow is a cool Theme Deck. It has Giratina and some other cool cards, that if you can find the final form for can round the deck out better. Instead of buying 2 theme decks, maybe you should buy a deck and a few boosters, so you can get some stuff to customize your deck a little more. Again, I would suggest that to start off you buy from the same set as the deck, just so you know whatever you get will have a chance of matching up with what's in your theme deck. Once you start collecting full time, start branching off and such to give your deck more variety.

Sorry if I was a little over the top in my response, but it's what I was thinking. I only just started back into PTCG about 2 months ago, so we're in a similar boat, and I'll be happy if this helps at all!

EDIT: is a pretty nice online card store. You may try checking Ebay for an Ancient Mew as well.
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