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Originally Posted by Ausaudriel View Post
One of the big things I've been planning while updating/modernizing PC is to replace the standard thread posting/replying forum thing with a layout/functionality modeled after Better lists with summaries and info in place of a forum index, posting individualized chapters as opposed to one single post, comments/reviews instead of just replies, etc. The whole thing will still be integrated into the forums, it won't be a stupid separate thing like the Oekaki. You'd click the forum from the index and it'd still be PC, it'd just be laid out more intelligently.

If you guys like this idea/have a better one/want to tell me what you want, I'm happy to do my best to implement whatever works best for you.
Just had a chat with Audy about the above, and I must say this sounds pretty darn intriguing. And I think it's a good way to go, and would be much better presentation wise.

A rough summary - you can think of the list in the section as is, but now it'd offer more information (Besides just a list of threads with views/replies/etc, it's include a summary of the story, chapter counts, last update info, etc).

As for the story thread itself, the whole story would be contained in the first post. For those with chapters, people would be able to toggle between chapters in the first post. (Authors would be able to add a new chapter via another button separate to post reply and do it the same way as currently done - reply box, etc. Because screw ways like ffnet which require document uploads for each chapter).

Any reply would go below this chapter/s post and be like a minithread below the story. Replies would also be able to be made direct to a review. In other words, the layout for response, and responses to said responses, would be not unlike deviantart or livejournal/dreamwidth's way of arrangement, for sake of a comparison.

Or in a more visual representation:

[box of chapters, one can toggle between chapters in this box]


I also suggested that maybe some tagging system could be included, which may be doable. Say a fic is about character x, or genre y (e.g. trainer fic). If they tag it as such then one could use the search function to find stories about characters they like, or types of fic they like. (Again, not unlike how other places like AO3 do it).

Of course, it's not all sunshine and lollipops as there is one problem - what to do with ongoing/already finished fics. Because the system now and what Audy proposes doing would be quite different, it'd be either
a) just let the stuff posted now become an archive
b) audy could try to add some specialized mod tools that can convert posts into chapters.

Maybe a mixture? Old archive and an option for people to convert threads into this new form as well... unless in general people don't mind doing it themselves and just reposting fics from the beginning.

Thoughts and other ideas for the above would be appreciated.
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