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    Well, from a collectors standpoint, it would definitely make sense to buy boosters that would be within the same set as the theme deck. That wouldn't even have crossed my mind and I probably would've ended up buying random different boosters.

    I was only thinking about buying two theme decks so I could practice with my cousin. Perhaps switch decks so we could try them both out while we learn the rules. Though, I'll probably buy a deck and a few boosters instead. That definitely seems like the better option and I'm sure he'd buy his own deck later on when he gets paid.

    Is there a specific website that I can use to know all the sets and which cards are in those sets? I know that there are numbers at the bottom of the cards (like "112/120") and I'd like to know which cards are in a set. I plan on organizing my cards by set and placing them in order by their number, so that would be a useful resource.

    Also, I've watched a few videos and I've seen people using dice instead of the Damage Counters when battling and rolling dice instead of flipping a coin. Is that a widely accepted thing and should I also invest in a few dice while I'm at Coliseum of Comics?
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