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Originally Posted by digimonqueen View Post
I need Pokesav 'cause i don't know how to use the item creator on Pokegen. Pokesav is easier for me. i DO use Pokegen, but only when i need to modify my Pokemon. Pokegen works, i already tried it, i just can't figure out how to use the item creator. if you could give me a link or something on how to use it, then i would be able to use Pokegen with ease. until then, i'm stuck w/ Pokesav. a BLANK Pokesav.
Off Topic: For Items, from what I can see, to add an item, right click on a blank spot. Then just click on the highlighted area, then you get a selection option. Ta da. Also remember to alter the bag pocket for appropriate items.

On Topic: These hacks are great. Nice difficulty. Good job!
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