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Hey all, long time Minecraft player and avid gamer G1Teanji here with a playthrough of PokéMMO Alpha that I've been playing with my good friend, Teckiies.
We've been playing and recording PokéMMO for quite some time now and I figured that it would be a good idea to post the series on, well, a forum about Pokémon! I've both been doing videos for quite some time now and have done multiple other cooperative Let's Play's with Teckiies as well (including Saint's Row 3, Dead Island and Minecraft).

All of my videos are filmed in HD (1280x720) with high quality Audio using a Blue Yeti Microphone and take a great deal of my spare time to Edit and Render (let alone upload, speeds are terrible in Australia!).

I also have to say a HUGE thanks for 800 subscribers -- Makes producing these videos all the more fun!

Featured Videos:

Main Series:
Episode 01: Name Theft
Episode 02: Catching Spree
Episode 03: Into The Forest
Episode 04: The Pikachu Incident
Episode 05: Hunting Pikachu's
Episode 06: First Badge
Episode 07: Sleepy Time
Episode 08: Done Like Dinner
Episode 09: Not Enough Leveling
Episode 10: Invisible Pokémon
Episode 11: Zubat, Zubat, Zubat
Episode 12: Fossil Fight
Episode 13: Poké Knowledge
Episode 14: Pikachu Is Boss
Episode 15: Chap, Chomp & Champ
Episode 16: Pet Zubat
Episode 17: Sounds Legit
Episode 18: Missing Magnitude
Episode 19: The Cherry Pie Fiasco
Episode 20: Loafing Around
Episode 21: Something About Bins
Episode 22: Red Glowing Button
Episode 23: Can He Fly
Episode 24: Team Loser Pokémon
Episode 25: Poké Fanart
Episode 26: Close Battle
Episode 27: New Party Members
Episode 28: Lesse & Bessy
Episode 29: Gassy Gastly's
Episode 30: Teckiies Should Shuppet
Episode 31: Teckiies Loves Clefairy's
Episode 32: Getting That Eevee
Episode 33: Trolling Teckiies
Episode 34: Even Closer Battle
Episode 35: Fighting Dishonourably
Episode 36: Gold Bat
Episode 37: Scumbag Snorlax Uses Rest
Episode 38: Goin' Fishing
Episode 39: Goin' Fishing Again
Episode 40: May Contain Fishing
Episode 41: Feeling Glum
Episode 42: Definitely Contains Fishing
Episode 43: Teckiies Does Interpretation
Episode 44: Brain Zamper
Episode 45: Poké Theft
Episode 46: Dratini Hunting
Episode 47: Gimmie Dat Psyduck
Episode 48: Chance Encounter
Episode 49: Never Enough Safari
Episode 50: Team Reorganization
Episode 51: Scumbag Teckiies Strikes Again
Episode 52: Serious Scumbaggery
Episode 53: Don't Tell Teckiies
Episode 54: Gimmie Dat Sand Attack
Episode 55: Icey Caverns
Episode 56: Script Missing
Episode 57: New Team v2
Episode 58: Dat One HP
Episode 59: Blaine The Burglar
Episode 60: Toxic Derp
Episode 61: Poké Law
Episode 62: Teckiies Ultraballs
Episode 63: Yes
Episode 64: Cool Day
Episode 65: Couch Clinging
Episode 66: Different Perspectives
Episode 67: The Left Portal
Episode 68: Perfect Logic
Episode 69: Dip Rick
Episode 70: Dat One HP
Episode 71: Hipster Teckiies
Episode 72: Beaverless
Episode 73: Gimmie Dat Jackpot
Episode 74: Set For Life
Episode 75: Teckiies Hates Blastoise
Episode 76: Teckiies Loves Wartortle
Episode 77: Teckiies Loves Falling Behind
Episode 78: Seeing Indigo
Episode 79: Stampeding The Elite
Episode 80: Underleveled Dragonite
Episode 81: Something About Gemstones
Episode 82: Something About Marley
Episode 83: Lucky Eleven
Episode 84: Lapras Likes HM's
Episode 85: Worse Then Magikarp
Episode 86: The Master Squeaker
Episode 87: Talking Rocks
Episode 88: Teckiies The Linguist
Episode 89: Puff Pastery Party
Episode 90: Submarine Logic
Episode 91: Scumbag Teckiies
Episode 92: Popping Mad
Episode 93: Server Maintenance
Episode 94: Daaaaaawwwwwwww!!!!
Episode 95: Kawaii Overload
Episode 96: Super Scumbaggery
Episode 97: Teckiies Likes Chibi Chodes
Episode 98: The Chibi Chodes Strike Back
Episode 99: The Legendary Xismon
Episode 100: May Contain Balls
Episode 101: Good Boy, Snorlax
Episode 102: May Contain Dragons
Episode 103: Teckix Likes Disappointment
Episode 104:
Episode 105:
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