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    Originally Posted by AdrianD View Post
    Does anyone know what happen to Victory Road during the in between years of B/W and B2/W2?
    The same reason Route 10 no longer exists. Some sort of landslide on the old Victory Road invaded upon Route 10, which is why Opelucid City to the north is closed off. If you use a walkthrough walls cheat to get through the barrier, you'll find there's just forest there, and it shows up as an unknown map of some sort if you meander through. I saw a video of someone walking the old Route 10 in W2. A Memory Link by the barriers with a character and a picture of the old Route 10 would have been a fantastic idea, though I wish Route 10 catches maintained their catch location in B2/W2 instead of saying a faraway place.

    Originally Posted by astrall View Post
    Are there any bad effects when I adjust the time of my DS/3DS to change the in-game season?
    Nope. As soon as you start the game, you begin in the season you left in, but as soon as you change to a new map (through a gatehouse, entering or exiting a building, etc.), the season changes, even from Spring immediately to Winter. In Black, I stayed inside a Pokémon Center for two months, so was getting Summer in April.

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