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    Originally Posted by Videomixer View Post
    I was in Editor.exe and was trying to create a new trainer in a fresh copy of essentials. My result:
    Anyways, whenever I attempt to create a new trainer it comes up with this on a fresh copy of essentials:
    Pokemon Essentials
    Exception: NoMethodError

    Message: undefined method `[]' for nil:NilClass

    PokeBattle_Pokemon:729:in `initialize'

    PokemonTrainers:102:in `new'

    PokemonTrainers:102:in `pbNewTrainer'

    PokemonTrainers:88:in `loop'

    PokemonTrainers:111:in `pbNewTrainer'

    PokemonTrainers:80:in `each'

    PokemonTrainers:80:in `pbNewTrainer'

    PokemonEditor:3696:in `pbTrainerBattleEditor'

    PokemonEditor:3653:in `pbListScreenBlock'

    PokemonEditor:1572:in `loop'

    This exception was logged in

    C:\Users\Kevin\Saved Games/Pokemon Essentials/errorlog.txt.

    Press Ctrl+C to copy this message to the clipboard.

    It happens right after I try to choose the opponent's first Pokemon. Help?
    Edit the PBS directly (need more characters)
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