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Originally Posted by fbim0 View Post
First of all, I really enjoyed your game
I have played some hacks and Dark Rising was one of my favourites(exept by the bugs )
But I have some questions/suggestions for the new game (If you wish some ) :
1) Is there e possibility that the pokemon can move at the begin of a battle (like in emerald / the editions after emerald)? That was something I really enjoyed in Pokemon Flora Sky and this makes the Game more alive I now you used Firered for your hack, but I don´t know where are the limits for you For example in Pokemon Light Platinum , the Pokemon doesn´t move and this is a emerald hack too.
2) I really liked that you have used the full potenial of the levels (last opponents have had pokemon lvl. 100) I hope you keep this up somehow, that was something your hack was special in Although there are voices that your game was too difficult XD I hope you will find a middleway
3) I don´t know if they was in in Dark Rising (I haven´t seen one so far) , but could you bring shinys of the new and old pokemon in your game?
4) This world championship you have talked about, can I imagine it like the battle frontier? That would be really cool
I hope you can answer me
P.s: Sry for my grammar mistakes but english is not my mother tongue XD
Light Platinum was actually a hack of Ruby, not Emerald. That's why there weren't any movements in-battle.