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Jack Robinson
Chimchar-level 8 Shroomish-level 4

Jack got up thinking while his two pokemon just lay down not noticing Jack.
"BlazeBlast! Shroomie! We need to find a travel partner, someone who is worth travelling with." BlazeBlast and Shroomie got up shocked from his shouting and they both tapped Jack. Jack turned around and sow them pointing at this berry on him infact two berries a leppa berry and a pecha berry, all he did was put them both in his bag. "You two. Lets go on" Jack said waiting for them to turn around "Ok Shroomie where shall we go?" The Shroomish pointed to a small path that had a sign saying 'Forest Shack forward'. "Thanks Shroomie, someone will definitely be there great lets go!" BlazeBlast on his shoulder and Shroomie tucked in his hands like a baby they all followed the path.

"Great the Shack is here, looks more like a little house." Jack looked around observing the area looking for someone when out of nowhere a boy stumbled right over him. All he did was stop and say "Are you ok? Why do I attack pokemon? Oh bye!" The boy ran off chased by Oddish, Shroomish and two Pikachu. Jack looked at the situation, gave a shrug and kept on looking for a travel partner. He then realised that he should be having lunch by now so he set up a picnic rug and got out food for him and his pokemon.
Finish it later sorry
Pokemon Crisis- Matt Razor-Manectric
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