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    Shadow Adler

    Shadow sat almost frozen, he blamed fear. He tried to lock himself in a world of music, and shut out everything else. He had only recently drowned out the sound of the muttering of the man from earlier. He was trying to get the idea out of his head that someone is coming to kill him, or that the man in the house would come out and attack him. He held Nip's pokeball, only this morning he met him and he is now his second closest friend. He hated the fact that he let him faint, he should have withdrawn Nip from the battle and leave the pikachu. Even though Nip wanted to fight, and Shadow did like the pikachu who was still hiding in his hat. But Shadow would have liked Nip to steady his nerves. Shadow didn't dare look round the forest either, he was just picking at a hole in the bottom of his jeans. He just hoped his MP3 player doesn't die on him.
    Shadow's hat fell onto his lap. and he jumped. He placed his hand on his head, Pikachu wasn't there. He grabbed it hat and forced it onto his head, half covering his face and tried to steady himself. 'I'm just scaring myself' he told himself, he looked up and Pikachu was looking down from the roof. Shadow thought he should tell Pikachu to get down, but he was scared to breathe to loudly. He just curled up, hugging his bass case. Shuting his eyes, and trying to block out things. 'I don't want to die' he said in his head.

    Music Is The Escape
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