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    Okay, I know this is my first post in this thread, but I have been wanting to post here for a while now, so here goes! (BTW, I stole Rai's idea of completing Unvoa Pokedex!)

    -I beat Iris a few weeks ago
    -Found an oshawat on GTS for a tepig ( who was my starter )

    Unova Dex Challenge(?)

    -Caught Munna
    -evolved Munna
    -Caught Purloin
    -Caught Sewaddle
    -evolved, but still working on leavanny
    -Caught Pidove
    -Caught Tranquill

    That's it for now, stats
    Unova Dex
    Seen:???(Don't have DS on me)

    All Kanto Monotypes Progress
    Normal, Flying, Poison, Fire, Water Fighting, Ground, Rock, Bug, Ghost, Grass, Electric,
    Psychic, Ice, Dragon

    All Kanto Solo Challenges