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Pokemon Fire Red OTGA part 1
Named myself Scott
Named rival Bobby
Chose Bulbasaur and named him Pie
Beat Bobby with some expertly timed Tackles
Delivered Oak’s Parcel to Samuel
Got the Pokedex, some Pokeballs, and a Town Map
Caught a Mankey, named her Lara
I hate Sand Attack so much
Beat Bobby after losing twice (How can sand even be a move?)
Cleared Viridian Forest with ease
Low Kicked my way to a Boulder Badge
Caught a Jigglypuff, named her Carly Rae
Cleared Mt. Moon
Taught Carly Rae Mega Punch and Lara Mega Kick
Beat Bobby after losing once (You can use any move in a magical creature’s arsenal, and you make them throw sand? I can do that with my hands!)
Evolved Carly into Wigglytuff
Caught an Abra and named him Fodder
Helped my bro Bill become less pink, so he gave me an S.S. Anne Ticket
Reached back like a pimp and Mega Punched and Kicked my way to a Cascade Badge

Team so far:

Lara (Mankey)
Stats: 52/49/21/29/25/47 (HP/Att/Def/Sp.Att/Sp.Def/Speed)
Rock Tomb
Mega Kick
Low Kick
Karate Chop

Carly Rae (Wigglytuff)
Stats: 99/36/35/41/31/29
Secret Power
Mega Punch
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