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    Originally Posted by Besj08 View Post
    Hello fellow pokecommunity'ers

    I have a question that ive tried to look up and i sadly cant find the answer to, it would be helpful if someone can at least give me possible reasons for what im doing wrong. Im starting a hack just to test my abilities and any help would be greatly appreciated.

    I recently started tile inserting. Im pretty good at it, So far ive added trees, grass, the ground and i tried to add a house to my hack. everything seemed fine until i warped through the door and got this ( see attachment at bottom)

    For some reason, the tiles around the door show the door animation and it doesnt go away. Again, any suggestions would be very helpful.

    your friend, Besj08
    This is kind of funny, becuase just on the last page of this thread, this same type of thing happened with a rom base. Look for posts by Gyrath and then an answer by Banjora Marxvile and there you shall find your answer.

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