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This is only my second episode from 3rd gen. And it is becoming apparent to me just how much Ash and May clash with each other. They fight a fair amount from what I've seen. But this really didn't consume the episode, thankfully, as the matter was quickly resolved.

Team Rocket really seem to have really meager goals in this series, in this instance, they are straight up just trying not to die of starvation. I mean really? You're gonna send a bunch of people on the brink of death flying to their possible doom?

But the main event was Ash showcasing his unique as always means of teaching his Pokemon new moves. This particular instance definitely seemed better than in A Call for Brotherly Love. Something about using something tangible to learn the attack just seems more realistic (yes I realize it's Pokemon and it's not supposed to be realistic).

The Double battle seemed pretty much what I would expect from an Anime battle. Lots of unique uses for attacks, and Ash over using Harden. My biggest issue with this episode is the Watermelon farmer, who just seemed way too awkward for her own good. Sadly, anime has a fair number of characters like this, so it's not Pokemon's fault or nothing, I just had a hard time watching when she got awkward.

Pretty good episode. This week I am voting for A Pyramiding Rage.

Nothing pervy to say this week...
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