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    Tommy Yerington; Ferrow Forest

    Chapter 2.2 – An Electrifying Battle in Ferrow Forest!
    Tommy had only walked for twenty minutes since his weird and most-likely unique encounter with some shady character, however, he suddenly realized his need to stop. His adrenaline rush had receded, and suddenly, his broken arm felt heavy and by Arceus it hurt!

    Tommy leaned against a tree and let himself fall down on his ass, dry leaves padding the ground and providing a soft cushion for his bottom. He fumbled through his backpack with his right arm, and eventually found a small canister with pills that he was unable to open.

    "Damn!" he screamed, startling his small Emolga, who had curled up beside him.

    Breathing heavily to calm down, Tommy patiently stuffed his medicine back into his backpack, and leaning back against the tree, closed his eyes to try to forget the pain…

    * * *
    A sudden rustle woke Tommy up. He knew not how long he'd fallen asleep for, but the pitch-black sky seemed to have turned lighter as dawn approached. To his immediate right, only ten feet away, he saw it.

    A wild Pikachu was peeking through the foliage, seemingly worried; it brought an Oran Berry with it.

    Emolga, having recently woken up, immediately perked up with interest and approached its fellow Electric-type.

    The two Pokémon seemed to measure each other up. They sniffed at each other, circled, Emolga tried to touch the wild Pikachu who shied away, before suddenly…


    "Piii… kaaa… chuuuuuuuuuuuuu!" The wild Pokémon screamed, as it blasted both Pokémon and trainer with a powerful Thundershock.

    "Damn it all…" Tommy told himself through gritted teeth as he tried to get up after being floored by the Electric-type attack.

    "Ehh mool…" his Pokémon agreed apparently.

    "That power… I must…" Tommy continued, struggling before finally getting up. "Possess it!"

    "GAH!" Emolga proclaimed, getting up and chucking his Oran Berry upwards before catching it and taking a chomp out of it.

    The Pikachu let loose sparks from its pouches, daring Emolga to "come at me, bro." And Emolga swallowed the rest of the Oran Berry, and was apparently rejuvenated; their battle was on.

    Okay, it's been a while, let' see if I still got it. Tommy thought to himself as his Pokémon rushed forth to battle. The wild Pikachu began to build up static on his cheek pouches…

    "Emolga, use Quick Attack!" Tommy ordered.

    The wild Pikachu released his attack, but only too late; Emolga hit it hard and away, causing its attack to miss. "Emol!" he cried, as if asserting his superiority.

    "Good job!" Tommy screamed. I'm at a slight type disadvantage, but that Pikachu's Thundershock won't bring Emolga down any time soon. Tommy thought. "Keep it up Emolga, connect with more Quick Attacks; tie them up!"

    Emolga listened to his trainer, and obeyed. He rushed the wild Pikachu one more time, who, gasping, was not even able to cover up before taking the full brunt of the hit. "Pikaa!" it cried as it went airborne.

    However, the wild Pikachu was able to regain its composure as it approached land, and with swift determination, it flipped in midair to land facing its opponent; it was its turn to attack.

    Emolga noticed his opponent's offensive stance, and didn't waste time to prepare his own attack; electricity sparked on both Pokémon's check pouches, and electricity rushed from either Pokémon's body to the other.

    "Emolga!" Tommy screamed. His fears confirmed, the clashing Thundershocks combined to create a strong explosion that sent his little Emolga flying back.

    "Eeeh… mooool…" he grunted as he struggled to get back up, while the wild Pikachu lumbered toward him. Electricity sparked weakly but violently over the Pokémon's pouches, and its eyes seemed glazed over. It had the will to keep fighting, but it seemed his strength had left him. However, Emolga was not in any better condition.

    Tommy's Pokémon stood upright and prepared to brace for his opponent's last attack. The fight was over; they had los… wait a minute!

    "Piii…" the wild Pokémon cried as electricity built up. Emolga could hardly stand, but Tommy knew it was now or never.

    "Emolga!" he screamed, obtaining his Pokémon's attention.

    "Kaaa…" now electricity sparked dangerously all-around the Pikachu's body, Emolga observed, but he waited for his trainer's order…

    "Up the tree!" Tommy finished. It was now up to Emolga to decipher exactly what he meant.


    Using his Quick Attack Emolga ducked under the stream of incoming electricity, and climbed up a tree. Pikachu, attempting to follow his opponent mid-attack, wildly turned, dissipating his attack, which regardless, whiplashed the tree and brought it down unto itself!

    Not out, but down for the count, the wild Pikachu was unable to lift the heavy weight of the tree from top of its body. Emolga approached to finish the job, but a sudden red light engulfed and returned him to his Poké Ball.

    "Well…" Tommy said as he approached the Pikachu. "It's just you and me know little fellow." He then kneeled to be at the Pokémon's eye level. "You're pretty strong, you know? I mean, you lost, but you have a lot of potential. Please don't hate me for this."

    "Pika?" the yellow Pokémon questioned before Tommy dropped a Poké Ball on it. The Poké Ball opened, and white light engulfed and transported Pikachu to the Poké Ball.

    Now it shook. 1… 2…
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