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Allan Schneider - Cave

"I understand, Major." said Allan. "Even I've faced a ton of trainers here who've gone absolutely mad. It makes sense that we should not trust any trainers here. But there is a great chance that there would be at least one sensible trainer here." Allan added.

Allan peeped through the crack on the wall and said, "It's getting dark and so you better get some sleep. I'll keep first watch." While he was looking through the crack he saw a trainer heading towards the cave.

"Wake up, Major, we've got trouble. There's a trainer heading our way. I'll warn him." said Allan sending out Maximo and Aaron.

"Whoever you are I'm warning you. No battling. If you're friendly and looking for shelter then we'll gladly welcome you but if you try and battle us you'll be removed from this challenge as we are two seasoned trainers here."
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