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Originally posted by G-Money
Congrats! Unfortunately, I'm afraid that won't count for the Monthly Quest - chained shinies aren't counted for the Quests, since the odds can go up to 1/200. But to make it fair, it'll count if you get the equivalent of a 1/8192 shiny; so go catch 41 shiny Corsola!!
Dangit. Oh well I guess it dosn't take the SHINE off Corsola. Anyway I don't think I'm gonna chain for a while as I've already completed my main goals which were: Get more shinys then the previous year and break my 3DS's hoodoo of no Shinys being found on it. Probably going to masuda for Hoothoot on Black version once Ralts decides to shine (Restarted that hunt, This time the Ditto is legit)
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