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    Originally Posted by M.L View Post
    I do like these maps, i feel as if some curves and more detail could be added especially in the caves they are just long passages. I would want to see it curve left then split up into a crossroads leading to more than one dead end atm all i need to do is go down one long passage realise its a dead end and then go through the next one, you should make it more like a make. I dont see too many errors well hardly any so thats a plus the layout of the laddrs is good though.
    Other than that nothing really.
    So over all i will rate this map(these maps) a 6-7

    My map:
    Map name Mantro Town
    Game: Firered
    Credits a big list that i have stated where i uploaded the map.

    Been long since i last mapped so go easy on me.
    The tiles look wonderful although I don't like how that body of water looks. How do you expect the player to go to that caves underwater? Do you have to dive for that? LOL

    Anyways I'll have it rated 8/10