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Originally Posted by Derozio View Post
anyway, on-topic: I heard people were getting the feels/being teary eyed in the very first episode. Which scene gave you dem feels? I personally felt the last scene about erin's mom was intended to be quite emotionally moving. It was really well animated. But since we didn't have much connection with the character in question/she didn't get much screen time, it sorta failed to get to me. I'm not really liking Erin much, either. Mikasa, on the other hand, I love. Dunno why.
I agree that there wasn't much time to be particularly invested in their mother. I think the scene is primarily aiming to give the audience an idea as to how grotesque the titans are (I mean, these are freakin' creepy) as well give reason to the idea of revenge/ helplessness in Erin. I knew the mother's death was coming and I just didn't want to watch it. I mean, that particular titan was just so damn happy to take a bite out of her it was just... ugh. And yes, Mikasa is amazing :3c

One thing that I've noticed is that all of the seiyuu have shown themselves to be pretty good screamers which is awesome. Armin's scream at the end of episode 5 resonates with me particularly for some reason. Maybe its the epic chime music that sets it all up and lends an already important scene some extra power but whatever :P
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