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Originally Posted by Manderek View Post
Hey guys,

I'm not ready yet to post urls or pics, so this post might look a bit vague... Anyhow I'm hacking Ruby and encountered a small problem. I tried changing the intro screen (press start) at first following the tut:

"[Graphics] Hacking Ruby Title Screen Completely Step by Step" from ADLFM14 but my colors didn't show up. So I decided to take an 'easier' tut (without the tile-editing), namely:

"Advanced Ruby title screen editing" from Epsilon.

I followed all the steps in his tut, and used the Tropius palette for my title screen btw. I also changed the palette for the given offset using APE, to the palette I exported using unLZ. In my title screen, I also made sure the color which should be transparent, is replacing the transparent color on the Groudon-default-title screen. Now the problem is, as you might guess, that the title screen shows up with different colors. I'm still doubting if it's the Groudon palette, or the palette it should be, only with colors 'mixed up'. I think it's the last one.

Mods, if this is not allowed please say so, but here's a (indirect) link to my title screen:


Hope you guys can help me. Thanks in advance.

Here is the image for those who are lazy:p.

1) Your tilemap may have had the palettes screwed up when drawing in NTME. Did you play with the palette tab on the bottom?

2) You inserted an UNcompressed palette instead of a compressed one, or vice versa. I ca't remember which it is, but I'm pretty sure it is compressed.

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