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    D'awww... ;_; That made me tear up a little. In the good way of course.

    And on the subject of gaming - same here, Tera (on both EU and NA versions) has been pulling me off from pokemon games for awhile. Along with Path of Exile and few others. Although soon it'll be summer and too hot to keep the computer on all day.
    (Believe me NA is tons better on the shop part and GMs - on EU you have to pay 39€ to get enough TT/EMP to buy extra character slots while on NA it's like... $10 = 8€ and you get two with that price *flipping everything when I noticed that* )

    I've also been working 14 hours of studying math/physics/chemistry to try passing one entrance exam to a tech uni...
    *hears self laughing at the pathetic attempt in the future*
    And well trying to set up art commissions because... no one in the house currently is employed and no money means no paying bills and being evicted.


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