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    Hello guys,

    First Id like to say I own just too many shinies to post them all here, however those are all pokeradared ones. I own 8 1/8192 pokemon however and that's what I will share since those have WAYYY more value.

    1. Wurmple in RUBY (now Beautifly)
    2. Wishmur in RUBY
    3. Zigzagoon in RUBY
    4. Machop in FIRE RED
    5. Jigglypuff in FIRE RED
    6. Spearow in FIRE RED
    7. Abra in SOUL SILVER (game corner)
    8. Ekans in SOUL SILVER

    in DIAMOND i must have over 50 different shinies but they feel less accomplished.

    I am currently soft resetting for a shiny Charmander in FIRE RED and Im at 1846 soft resets so far, however I am losing hope lol.

    I also have WHITE version but no luck yet there, but I might try out the Masuda Method after I get Charmander. Any tips on soft resetting starters? I kinda need a boost of motivation haha xD
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