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I usually consider it completed when I've got the pokédex as complete as possible, destroyed the pokémon league, levelled up my pokémon to fairly high levels (varies from around mid-60s in Emerald to high 80s like Red's in HeartGold), and had a decent stab at the Battle Tower / Battle Frontier. I actually managed to get a sticker from 4/5 facilities in Platinum last time (guess which one I couldn't. Hint: my pokémon team in that runthrough was awesome).

But for the pokédex part that goalposts shift. On LeafGreen or Emerald it's literally catch everything possible and get all the evolutions / baby pokémon possible. In Diamond, Platinum and HeartGold it's a complete regional 'dex. And on's never completed, I lose interest. But I always aim to defeat Alder (only have once though).
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