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Imogen Green - The Roads of Albany, New York, United States of America

October 30th, 2012
"So, I guess I can say at this point that the offer intrigues me. I may as well give it a shot. I at least know how to hold a pencil."

"You'll be able to do a lot more than that when the AUP have let you into their world," Imogen winked, pushing her glasses up her nose. "But, I am taking your hesitant answer as a yes. It's a yes right? Good!" she clapped her hands together, and with a graceful swing of her legs, she slid over the seat behind her and into the driver's seat.

With a last smile, she pulled into gear and onto the Albany streets, letting the boys handle themselves with seatbelts and such. She touched a few buttons on her GPS, allowing it to direct her to the Albany Airport.

"We gotta go to the airport, boys. The AUP headquarters is situated in France. I hope you like snails and frogs legs," she giggled again, taking a left down Central Avenue. The trip to the airport wasn't an extremely long one, probably 15 minutes or so, but she filled the 15 minutes with either a) asking the boys useless questions about their lives for conversation's sake or b) making them feel uncomfortable by giggling at them for their sometimes ridiculous or awkward answers.

When they had reached the airport, Imogen took a strange left than what anyone else who had been to this airport was used to, taking her into a private sector labelled "Authorized Personnel Only". It was fenced off and kind of spooky at night time, with the lack of cars and only the very loud sound of arriving and departing planes every few minutes to scare the beejesus out of you.

She pulled the car onto the private strip to reveal a fancy-looking (to Will and Brad anyway) jet awaiting them. Imogen parked the car a safe distance away, jumped out of her seat and opened the door for Will and Brad.

"Your chariot awaits, ladies," she giggled with a bow.

Frederick Salusbury & Atticus Forsberg - Atlantean Relief Centre, Stockholm, Sweden

October 31st, 2012
Atticus was glad that Agnes had tagged along. She seemed like a good soul at least, caring for an almost stranger and being able to quickly make a (what Atticus thought was a) hard decision. Atticus had been in a similar situation. Not necessarily between the ARF and the AUP, but deciding between what he was told had been right and what he thought had been right. Geez, did that bring back some awful memories.

Freddie on the other hand was just glad to be getting out of here and glad that he hadn't failed his first mission as part of the AUP. He didn't have the experience that Atticus had. or the ability to walk. He really needed physical therapy or something. Or at least a day or two by himself to work out how goat hooves worked.

"Where'd you park your car?" Atticus started poking into Freddie's pockets, looking for keys. Freddie would have pushed him away because it was uncomfortable and an invasion of personal space but that meant he had to walk by himself and that was bad. "Wait, don't worry, I see it."

"Y-yeah," Freddie pointed a feeble finger at the van. "That one." It was a wonder how he had driven here in the first place.

When they reached the van, Atticus almost shoved Freddie into the passenger seat and opened the back door for Agnes to jump in.

"After you," he said kindly.
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