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Originally Posted by theroguewriter View Post
Username: theroguewriter
Favorite Character: BMO!!!!!
What time is it? : Adventure Time!

I love the randomness of the show, along with all the random references to D&D and stuff like that. :D Favorite episode is probably Card Wars as I play Magic, and Card Wars is pretty blatantly playing off Magic and similar games... I floop the pig!!!! :D
Welcome to the club! I seriously need to add people to the list. :( I guess that counts as answering a topic. (It's advised to answer a topic when joining a club if the club has them.)
Originally Posted by ZachLMedia View Post
The snail is in Up a Tree.. it waves to Finn and the squirrel as the two fly above it on Finn's disc, and Finn actually waves back.

Anyways.. did anybody see James Baxter the Horse just now?

I thought it was a pretty interesting episode. Finn and Jake seemed jealous of James Baxter's ability to make anyone happy, so they tried mocking his moves, with little to know success at first, but then, they were trying out several ideas, with BMO recording those ideas. I won't go into further plot details than that. :P However, I thought it was interesting how Finn and Jake couldn't calm the ghost with their actions, that cheered everyone else up (after they had the perfect idea), but James Baxter the horse still cheered the ghost up.
OH I forgot about that. He appears in that episode too!

I have yet to watch James Baxter the Horse yet. Forget it even aired today. I have it on my DVR so I'll watch it as soon as I get off PC!(so I'm avoiding spoilers by not reading what you typed. )

Edit: I Just watched the episode a few hours ago. So without further ado, here's my thoughts on James Baxter the Horse:

I absolutely love this episode! It cheered me up after being in a bad mood so what can't I like about that? I love the concept of this episode being about Finn and Jake trying to find a sound or motion that cheers people up and makes them feel good. That's one thing I love about Adventure Time is that's it always makes my day every time I watch it. When I'm down, I can relay on the show to cheer me up. This episode was hilarious and full of stuff that made em laugh and smile. The weirdest part being BMO singing about being pregnant with an egg though. O_O But it still made me laugh alot. I love James Baxter as a character, especially toward the end when he even made the ghost happy! Wonderful episode, probably my favorite of season 5 next to Simon and Marcy.
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