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    Can I reserve I love x-men

    Edit: Got my appearance done, will take care of my personality and History tomorrow

    Edit: Personality and history done

    Edit: Finished.

    Human Name: Mione Johnson

    Mutant Name: Nightmare

    Age: 16

    Height: 5'4

    Weight: 110lbs

    Main outfit secondary outfit

    Mione has pale skin and bright blue almond shaped eyes on her heart shaped face. She has small ears that are proportionate to the rest of her face and body that have two black studs in the lower part of each ear. She always wears black mascara, red eye shadow and blush, and dark red almost black lipstick. She also has a black stud in a nose piercing on her small button nose. Her hair is long going down to her mid back and a dark brown in color. She has it parted so her bangs cover her left eye partially and has two sections that are normally over her shoulders resting on both sides of her upper torso. She wears a black headband in her hair to keep her part in place. Clothing wise she wears a blood red shirt with black lace at the top that ends right above her bellybutton and has elbow length black puffy sleeves. She wears a black choker with black string hanging off it to match and a blood red bracelet on her right wrist. Her skirt is the same color blood red turning into black ruffles before it ends above the knee. Finishing the outfit she wears a pair of blood red ballet flats with a rose on the top of each shoe in the same color. When the weather is bad, or the situation calls for it in the place of her skirt Mione wears a pair of black dress pants. Form fitting and tight but not restricting movement.

    Personality: Mione at this point in her life has very unstable emotions and a non-existent form of self control. Despite this Mione is a very sweet and kind girl despite her mutation and her mutant name. She just wants to have friends. That's her greatest desire at this point. She loves to help others and tries her best to remain happy but that isn't so easy. She suffers great fears and doubts about who she is and has been through a lot in her short life. She bounces around in her emotions a lot. One minute she can be happy, smiling and laughing and then next be in tears or extremely angry. Mione also hates being asked questions about her unstable emotions. She's not bipolar or anything she just doesn't like to talk about her childhood at all.

    Mione's favorite colors are red and black and she always tries her best to be fashionable. She's a real girly girl. Loves girly clothes and makeup as well as small cute animals. She loves to read books of all kinds and can have a very scholarly attitude at times. She thinks education is a very important thing. She wants to learn all she can and hopes to learn enough to get some self control. It always upsets her greatly when she loses control and uses her mutation on someone by accident and even herself. She has a great fear of dead things be they people or animals due to a traumatic incident from her childhood.

    History: Mione was born in Portland, Oregon to a single mother Beatrice Johnson and an absent father who didn't stay around. For her early years Mione was the average happy little girl she played princess, had tea parties with her mom and like any child with an absent parent always asked about her father. This all changed when Mione was six years old. Her absent father returned a man named Mike Davis. But he didn't come back to play the role of a father, he came back to get money from her mother for drugs. When Beatrice refused he killed her unaware of the small child, his daughter watching from her hiding place in a closet. She was found the next day by a neighbor wandering out of her house in tears and covered in her mothers blood. This was the start of her greatest fear. Mione was placed in a foster home and was sent to therapy to get help to recover from what happened. But it didn't work. The young girls emotions were all over the place and she had terrible nightmares for over four years every night.

    Over the next several years she moved from foster home to foster home none of them very good ones furthering her emotional trauma. Six years after her mothers death on her twelfth birthday Mione got into a fight with her foster mother when suddenly the woman started screaming about being covered in spiders but Mione didn't see any. When her anger calmed her foster mother stopped screaming and looked at her with a frightened expression before Mione was told her eyes turned black and she was called a freak. The next day her case worker showed up and said she was being moved to a group home for foster kids which wasn't any better than any of the foster homes she had lived in over the years. She was picked on, made fun of and accidentally used her new powers on the other kids and herself several times. By the time she was 16 the others at the group home called her Nightmare. But it seemed there was hope. After she turned 16 Mione was accepted into The Xavier School for Gifted Youngsters and the caretaker of the group home the only person there to accept was more than happy to fly her to New York telling her to call when she could and that this would be good for her.

    Mutation: Mione has the power to make people see their biggest fear. By focusing on them she can make someone think they are facing what scares them the most. That their fear is really there when it's not. The stronger emotion that Mione feels when using her power the stronger it is. At the moment though her power is really uncontrolled. It easily backfires on herself, or she can use it one someone and not realize what she's done, or sometimes be able to stop it. This deals with her unstable emotions. With practice and controlling her emotions her power should be controllable in time.

    Writing Sample: Mione smiled slightly as she bounded down the stairs her brown hair bouncing as she moved quickly. “Ms. Travis! Ms. Travis! Do you know what day today is!” she yelled happily as she ran into the kitchen.

    “No, and I don't really care” Ms. Travis a small dark skinned woman with graying black hair in her late fifties snapped making Mione stop abruptly.

    “''s my birthday” Mione stammered a frown forming on her face.

    “Like I said child, I don't care” Ms. Travis said again turning the stove off and putting a single plate of pancakes on the table. “I just took you in for the money I get girl. Now you know were the cereal is take care of yourself.” the woman sneered at the small girl whose eyes welled up with tears.

    “I hate you!” Mione cried sadness and anger welling up inside her unaware of the fact her bright blue eyes were darkening to black. Suddenly Ms. Travis started to scream, not softly either. Loud terrified screams about spiders but Mione was to angry, and she didn't see any spiders anyway. Ms. Travis is old, she's probably seeing things the old stupid bat. Mione thought angrily as the screams continued for a good ten minutes before her anger started to fade and her eyes gradually returned to their normal blue.

    Ms. Travis calmed down and took deep breaths but the look the woman was giving her was a truly frightened look. “Your eyes turned black...and then I saw spiders. You know I'm afraid of spiders you freak! What did you do!” the woman screeched shrilly.

    “I...I didn't do anything!” Mione cried thinking that it wasn't her fault. “you must have been imagining it!”

    “No I didn't” she snapped back. “I saw them. Felt them crawling all over me! You must be on of those mutants!” she yelled advancing towards the girl who backed up frightened. “Some people may have accepted you freaks! But I'm not one of them! Go to your room and don't come out!”

    Mione's eyes widened as the woman yelled at her before she turned and ran as fast as she could up the stairs and back to her room shutting the door and throwing herself on her bed in tears. Why does everyone hate me!

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