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    Jericho Godbane


    Nickname: Jericho

    Age: 21

    Gender: M


    Jericho Godbane is, in simpler terms, a giant. He stands seven feet tall and weighs a good 350 pounds. His bulk allowed him to easily outsize any of his peers, and even non-peers. Nobody knows how Jericho managed to grow to a size that big, but he believes that it is due to a calcium-excessive gene. Nobody knows how that works, and nobody seemed to take Jericho’s size a problem, so nobody really cares.

    Other than his immense size, nothing from Jericho strikes others as strange. He dyes his hair black, although its original color is a deep brown. His eyes are the color of steel, a deep silver that reminds you of the eyes of a big hunting cat. He sports a thick beard and sideburns, which he dyes like his hair. Jericho is not the “loose fat” type of big guy you meet. In fact, because of the training he undergoes, he looks like a walking tank. He is heavily muscular; the muscle cuts evident in his whole body. He is one guy you definitely don’t want to bump. His skin is a deep-brown, that of roasted chestnuts. He is free of any tattoo, though there is a small (relatively) scar across his chest.

    For his clothing, he wore a heavy, green cargo vest with many pockets. Underneath it, he wore a plain shirt, usually white, accentuated by a red jumper he connected to his cargo pants. He slung an axe-holster on his back, akin to the quiver used by archers.

    l'Cie Brand:

    The mark is found at the back of his hand, though he usually hid it with a pair of black smithing gloves.


    His preferred weapon is the great axe. He forged his own weapon in the forge in his local area. It is a heavy mass made purely of iron ore. Jericho Godbane chose to lengthen it resulting to a deadly axe four feet long, and seventy-five pounds heavy. The axe’s head is a foot long, ending in a smooth, but very sharp, blade. He named it the “Grimaxe.”


    Jericho Godbane, as all giants, is intimidating as he goes. People described their first impression of him as “scary,” “frightening,” or simply “I peed my pants.” However, Jericho is far from that. Despite being an exercise-junkie, Jericho Godbane has a good sense of humor. He offers a ready smile wherever he goes, and people around him learned to not fear, if not love, him for that. Also, he is usually the largest among the group, so he addresses everyone around him as “youngling,” even elders.

    He also believes that size is power, and that, because of his remarkable size, he is a really powerful guy. Before being branded as an I’Cie, Jericho Godbane is known to challenge foes not normally challenged by any mortal. The strength that comes with his size allows him to overpower, usually, everybody.

    In a group, Jericho would not take the role of the supreme leader (though he believes that he is more than suitable for the job, if power is the only thing that should be considered.) The idea behind his reasoning that, in combat, he is more useful in the frontlines rather than commanding from the back. However, he could take the role of the second-in-command, as this gives him enough power to control the tides of battle.


    “This power. I don’t know what this is, but hey. The mark looks cool, and that I’ll probably keep.”

    Jericho Godbane was raised in the coastal town of New Bodhum. His father was the local blacksmith while his mother is a traveler. She stayed in town just to give birth to Jericho and left, never to be seen again. However, Jericho is contented by how his father raised him. He learned his father’s craft and took over the forge by the age of seventeen, when his father became too old to use the hammer. However, Jericho’s heart is not built for the forge. Yes, his body is heavily built for the taxing occupation of a blacksmith. Fate intervened, however, and gave him his mother’s heart. He knew that what he wanted is to travel Gran Pulse, and beyond if he could manage it. So, when he reached the age of nineteen, he forged his own weapon, the Grimaxe, and told his father his plans. The old man did not agree; he wanted his only son to stay with him. However, Jericho could not be held back. He argued that he is of the proper age to decide on his own. He left New Bodhum with a heavy heart, and without saying goodbye.

    For two years, Jericho traveled the land, taking in the sights. More often than not, he confronted different monsters that seemed to pop up everywhere. His greatest game was a wild Kaiser Behemoth, though Jericho sustained the cross-shaped scar across his chest during the battle. He could not defeat the monster if not for the group he was in. Afterwards, he became careful of the creatures he met, as he had difficulty in battling the monster, especially when it decided to stop playing with him and use Heave.

    Jericho was in the ruins of Obera investigating an increase in the number of Ghasts when the Fal’Cie who turned him into an I’Cie appeared before him. He could only look in amazement as he was slowly transformed.

    Paradigms: Commando, Sentinel, Synergist

    Eidolon: Bahamut

    Password: Re5091

    Other: Jericho Godbane does not understand the mechanics of being an I’Cie, and the role of one.


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