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Name: Yunia Badeesh (Yu - knee - a | Ba - dee - shh) || Dune
Age: 17
Natural Height: 5'7"/170cm
Weight: 130lbs/58kgs
Appearance: Strong Persian roots are apparent in Yunia’s physical appearance though she is often mistaken for other Middle East ethnicities. Her culture has vastly influenced the clothing she chooses to wear on a day-to-day basis. In a variety of colors and patterns Yunia never fails to wear a scarf. These scarfs come up over her head and stops at the very same place where her haircut does, the leftover material is usually wrapped around one of her shoulders. The length the scarf goes down her back is up to what style. Midnight black colored hair can be seen (but that depends on the tightness of the scarf) resting on her shoulder; its true length is unknown to Yunia herself. Most of the time she lets her side swept bangs hang out the front it feels the most comfortable to her. The dresses she wears come in patterns that are most popular in her culture as she has a high respect for it and feels as if she is honoring it even if she can’t be there.

Yunia has a petite frame underneath her clothing and doesn’t have any accessories that would make her stand out. Up to several bangles can be found resting on her arm depending on how she is feeling that day but are usually hidden by her dress sleeves. Glittery flats are Yunia’s shoes of choice, though she doesn’t mind going barefoot if the need arises for her to do it.

Yunia lives in her head, the outside world isn't some place she focuses on, it's her private, innermost thoughts that she tirelessly spends her entire time worried about. She's all about the future, the big picture, and where everything is going to be at the end of the road. Those who act before they think aren't the type of people Yunia allows herself to be around incase their rash, bold, and intolerable decisions want to rub off on her. Their misguided actions are often a gateway to reckless behaviors and lead to endangering others in a way that is completely unnecessary. Distance is the first, if not one of the first, distinct characteristic one notices when they choose to interact with Yunia. She isn't slightly interested in communication, it isn't one of her strong suits and she tends to avoid partaking in trivial conversation. Anything that doesn’t give her specific data or information is pretty much a useless form of communication. In an attempt to keep the communication to a minimum she feigns having lack of comprehension of the English Language when in reality she is as proficient as almost anyone who speaks it. To further throw off she utilizes a thick accent that makes her English almost not understandable, truth is Yunia lost her accent years ago but is still pretty good at faking one. Yunia prefers to get to know other people by profiling their behaviors. She’s always surveying her surroundings with a keen eye and prefers to maintain a close eye on everything. Brisk answers that are sweet but detailed is the most effective way she has determined to talk to people if she must. Being a very private person fuels this need to be distant from other people. That and Yunia doesn’t trust anyone, at least not right away but one thing she would never do is trust her life in someone else’s hands without having her own plan.

Emotions are a tricky thing with her she most certainly has them and she recognizes them as tools that are available to express oneself. There is the constant realization that they are exploitable, which is why she keeps her emotions under control. She is guided by logic, planned out strategic moves, and lots of rational thinking. Her face is a blank canvas. Due to having these traits and lack of attachment to people Yunia would potentially sacrifice teammates if she felt their death would aid them in getting to the bigger picture. Objects, and that includes people, have little to no value to Yunia and are worth sacrificing if they aren't ultimately advancing a set goal, herself included in this situation. She also won’t let herself by distracted by emotions or distracted in general. Yunia is able to keep an unbiased (or mostly unbiased) stance on generally any subject as she doesn't get attached to things very easily. Cold, calm, and collected are words that people throw her way to describe her. She doesn't disagree with these terms and in fact embraces them at time. Anger, sadness, and excitement are rarely moods that Yunia finds herself trapped in, she usually stays in a state of contentment. Meditation helps her focus it's something that allows her to be alone and by herself away from those that are loud and problematic. Arguments solve nothing especially when neither person is willing to accept the others opinion as more than fiction, which is why Yunia has never put herself in a position to argue. Things are done her way, if she does conclude that her way isn't the most efficient then she may allow another person's idea to override her own.

Personal relationship and romantic relationships are an extreme difficulty for Yunia to maintain seeing as she doesn’t understand why you need to rely on another person. Simply Yunia has never considered nor used the terms "friend" or "significant other" in everyday life. People wanting to be her friend is a weird experience, usually she is known as being too harsh. Objective criticism is necessary in everything one does and Yunia freely supplies it to those who she believes need it the most. Her intelligence also gets in the way; no one wanted to be friends with the “smart girl” yet Yunia didn’t mind. Yunia prefers solitude to company whenever possible like strolls where she can have personal reflections on the actions she took that day and how she can improve certain qualities for the next day. Yunia is very tough on herself, she doesn’t allow mistakes or mess up, and she is most certainly a perfectionist. That being said everything has its place and purpose, which is also why she is a very neat and ordered person.

History: Being born to Persian/Iranian immigrants in the United States was a plot to get her a better life than she would in the Middle East. After her birth Yunia was immediately moved back to Iran where she learned Perish, Pashto, and Lori among several other smaller languages that would be useless to list. English was taught to her as her fourth language but at an early enough age where she is as proficient as other Americans. Yunia’s siblings are much older than her by a decade or two; her gestation was a surprise to both of her parents. There never was a strong relationship formed between them due to the large age difference nothing more than pleasantries are exchanged when spoken. The first five years in Iran were difficult seeing as it isn’t the most stable country for one to live in. By the age of eleven she was moved back to the United States after her father became a foreign diplomat. As a daughter of a foreign diplomat this caused quite the stir in her lifestyle as it brought all types of unnecessary spotlight to her life. She was forced into a private school located in central New York called St. Catherine’s. Despite it’s religious title the school was the farthest thing from a holy institution, Yunia learned that before she took five steps into the building.

Private school was tough for Yunia, kids taunted her but she never let it got the better of her. She started her preference of being alone then, as her mother stayed back in Iran while her father was too busy with confidential material to be bothered. With nothing else to keep her attention Yunia dove head first into her studies and didn’t look back until she was (and currently still is) the top of her class. Jealousy never crossed her mind as she watched kids become friends and date. The astonishing amount of pregnancy scares and terminations were enough to put her off that scene. A need to do something other than homework came over Yunia during her one of her later years so she joined the tennis team. A true novice turned into an impressive player, though there were several girls that were better than her. It gave her something to do and taught her the working definition of teamwork, but she only connected with one of the girls. This connection wasn’t a friendship of sorts, they were acquaintances that spoke on the bus to games and occasionally chatted about studies. A majority of the time they stuck to their own rituals and only included the other when they felt it was necessary or beneficial for them to do so. The development of her mutation wasn’t noticed until an important tennis match, it was a double with her acquaintance. The ball was in her court and when she swung with all her might yet she miscalculated where the ball was. All her frustration flowed through her as the ball slammed (and went through) her wrist. Somehow her arm, from the wrist up, had transformed into sand on the court in front of hundreds of people. The recollection and shift backward to normal was painless and left Yunia in shock to the point where she ran off the court, never returning and therefore losing the match. Experimentation and tests were done and through Yunia’s own means she discovered that she could mimic the properties and appearance of sand.

Research was done thoroughly on Yunia’s end on the mutation that she had apparently developed. It was a strange phenomenon and wondered why gotten this gene especially when she hadn’t seen the any signs of these mutations in her family before. She received the letter exactly two days later asking her to be apart of “The Xavier School for Gifted Youngsters”. Having been in New York she had most certainly heard about this school of so-called “freaks” that spent their time in complete isolation learning how to be "bigger freaks" that sounded beyond wonderful to Yunia. The call was less worrisome than she had been expecting, Charles Xavier explain in detailed answers leaving Yunia without any questions to ask. Anything was better than another year in hell and with the permission of her father Yunia was able to transfer to the school to begin her new life.

Mutation - Sand Mimicry: Like other mutations that deal with mimicry Yunia is able to transform parts of her body completely into sand. If she is wearing clothes they to will also be transformed into sand and when recollected will appear undisturbed like the rest of her body. When she does shift her body into sand the part is homogenous in matter, which means that it is all affected the same and not in any worse than the rest of her. It is not visible to the human eye whether any of Yunia’s parts are made of sand or are in their regular form until they are completely disturbed. She can shift into a granular form where everything is completely made of sand and looks exactly like sand. It takes a lot of concentration and willpower for her to be able to recollect herself after spreading herself out. This is why she is hesitate to do a fully body burst or spread herself out too thin, though despite the risk she is still willing to do it once she gets at that stage. Being able to disperse her sand at a high velocity and blinding her opponents is a skill is eager to learn. As of right now she is stuck at a more ground-based form when she wants to more of a sand storm.
Writing Sample:

The air was crisp, but now that Yunia was a mutant the occasional shift to sand eased the temperature that she would’ve normally felt. Though, the other negative was that she wasn’t able to do a complete body transformation while holding the appearance of her clothing and it be kept for more than a few minutes. Walking in a full body transformation was nearly impossible so she kept changing different body parts; right now it was her left leg. Woken from her short nap by her father, he had become even more distant from her ever since she revealed her mutation to him. It was clear he was in denial; Yunia didn’t blame anyone especially not herself because she didn’t have a hand in picking her genes. There wasn’t any time wasted ever in the mental schedule that Yunia kept. Every single movement was planned accordingly and thoroughly before she made them there was nothing like being prepared. Clothes were sacked in a neat order in her wooden dressers; Yunia had already taken the liberty of choosing the outfits for the entire week. Today’s outfit had been made with special consideration because it would be her first day at her new school, Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngster. A bright green scarf that was her mother's and a pink dress covered with floral arrangements. The truth was out, she was a foreign diplomat’s daughter and a mutant, those were her sole identifiers to the outside world. Breakfast was sausage, eggs, and buttered toast and was ate in isolation, her father had briefly spoken (switching between Lori, English, and Persian to make sure his daughter didn't get rusty) with her earlier in the week explaining he would send the town car with their personal driver to deliver her to her new place of study.

A black sedan was carefully parked on the street; Yunia had already spotted it when she was in the kitchen. The driver was a middle age man named Eugene; he had been her driver for some years now and he had grasped her personality within days of their meeting. A simple nod of the hat signaled to Yunia that he acknowledged her presence before he drove the warmed up car out. There wasn’t much scenery in the city, if you’ve seen one building you’ve basically seen them all, which is why Yunia’s eyes remained closed until they exited the city. Xaiver’s School wasn’t located in an urban area; it was alone, and not surrounded by thousands of other buildings. That was probably because the highly secretive mutant society that lived behind the walls. A threat people called her, not once had Yunia dwelled on the crude names people spat at her kind (mutants) because it wasn’t as if their venomous words had any severe impact on the life she lived. There were a staggering number of mutations one could have, would any of them be similar to hers? On the top of The Worry List was if she was going to receive a roommate that was one thing that would most certainly throw a wrench in her plans. A place where she could just be alone, like her room, was a novelty, especially when you grow up in New York City. Earlier today she had practiced her foreign accent it wasn’t really foreign since she previously had it before she lost it. A well-practiced method to insure the barrier between her and any other individual would remain impenetrable. Reorganizing her specific daily routine and schedule wasn’t something Yunia had been looking forward to; it was a nuisance but unfortunately very much necessary.

Eyes peeled to the mansion that came into view as Eugene pulled into the rather long driveway up to the school. It was magnificent, a structure that was better than most of the ones she had to stare at in the city. At the door Yunia stopped, Eugene wasn’t allowed inside to help her; she parted ways with a wave of her left hand. No one had been there to greet her so she cautiously opened the door and took in the sights in the doorway. The temperature in the building let Yunia cease her partial transformation altogether, it wasn’t too hot nor was it too cold. Surprisingly the mansion was rather empty in terms of people, class must have already started. Which was why Yunia figured she was left there standing alone in a strange place. Around the nearest corner came a girl with light brown hair and a pretty smile, Yunia hoped her presence had been noticed and the woman would help her to a room.

"May I ask your what your name is?" The lady had a clipboard in one hand and started to flip through the multitude of pages as Yunia answered her question. A gracious thanks was given to her as she grabbed one of Yunia's heaviest bags with ease and took off toward what Yunia assumed was the living area, "Follow me, and don't touch anything."

They arrived in what was a dormitory of sorts, there were doors open and Yunia saw fellow students either getting settled, talking to one another, or sleeping the day away. It was a rather spacious place, more importantly enough room so that she wouldn't bump into anyone if she wanted to be alone. Clearly she had been chosen for a reason, there must be hundreds of mutants being discovered weekly, why had Charles Xavier (and co.) wanted to have her in the X-Mansion and attending classes? Would she join the X-Men? They were famous in the city; kids in her neighborhood adored them and wanted to be just like them. The lady walked as if she were on a mission, was she? There had been no proper introductions exchanged so if she were someone of high standards Yunia hadn't realized. Yunia hadn't kept up with mutant news ever. One thing she was good at was attaching faces to names unless the faces shapeshifted then that would be complicated. In front of an empty room is where they stopped and unloaded Yunia things.

Without looking up once the women deliver Yunia a stack of papers, "These are your classes you will attend regularly unless told otherwise. Be on time at all times." It was evident what the papers were now, her class schedule but also a syllabus as it was marked at the top of one of the pages. "The others will be arriving shortly if they have not already arrived, socialize if that pleases you. Your classes begin in a few days as indicated on the schedule I handed you," She spoke with authority and in a monotone voice and left without so much as a warning.

How odd.

Relief settled in as Yunia unpacked her things, it was much easier than packing them. She wondered if she was allowed to call home, but her father was more than likely on the phone as he always was these days. There wasn't a better time than now to observe her surroundings, a strange place needed to become familiar. In an extra effort not to get lost Yunia left a trail of sand on her pathway so she'd easily be able to find her way back. Hopefully there weren’t maids that swept the floor every hour but Yunia was fairly confident that she could find her way back regardless of the sand. Drat! She had left her schedule on her bed and she had already walked over thirty feet away, tomorrow she would find out where her classes were today was simply for observation data.

"I'm ready for a nap..."

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