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    Originally Posted by TwilightBlade View Post
    Oh oh oh, a website was offering BL2 at a discount price of $9.99 for PC so now I have it on Steam!

    My 3 co-op partners and I quickly beat the Leviathan. One teammate bolted for the secret treasure chest and looted that. The rest of us ran for the 10 or so chests, and I saw a Pearlescent sniper rifle in a chest. My backpack was 34/33 full, I tossed out two items, and the sniper rifle was gone. I saw it in one dude's hands, but he immediately left. He didn't respond to my messages, either. :B Really bummed I couldn't get my one Pearl. The other two said they found a legendary in a chest. Both dropped their entire backpacks, all legendary/pink/purple/blue items and dashboard'd out of the game. :D I'm still sorting through all the cool stuff.
    Would you mind telling us what website is offering that deal? :O

    Also, that really sucks. This is why whenever I play online with randoms I always make sure I have at least five free slots in my inventory wherever I go, just in case there is any loot that I absolutely want.

    I recently started playing again on Ultimate Vault Hunter. Although i'm still at the beginning of the game, i'm surprised with the new enemy variants as well as the amazing drop rates. So far I have never gotten anything lower than blue rarity from opening chests and containers. I haven't run into any pearlescents yet but I hope to sooner or later. I want to get to the end-game to farm Terramorphous, The Warrior, and the "leviathan" chests to see what kind of loot I get.

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