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miltankRancher: your reserved

and here's my character.

Name: Aurora
Nickname: Rora
Age: 18
Gender: Female

l'Cie Brand: on her lower right side
Weapon: a katana and a dagger
Personality: Aurora is a very standoffish person. She strives to be the best and wants nothing more than to complete her focus. She will go to all lengths in order to do so. She is tough and hates to display vulnerability. In fact she will only show how vulnerable she is under her tough outer layer around those she trusts with her life. It will take her time to open up to the others in the group, but that doesn't mean she won't protect them. She's a fighter with a mysterious past she rarely talks about. She is protective though, especially of those younger than her.
History: Not much is known about Aurora's past, in fact she rarely talks about it and no one knows her real name. A member of the Guardian Corps she was called out to the ruins of Oerba to investigate a possible sighting of The Shadow's meddling, upon her arrival she saw five others there, and when she went to call out a Pulse Fal'Cie made itself known and marked the six of them as l'Cie. (My character has a hidden past that will be revealed throughout the story.)
Paradigms: Commando, Ravager, Medic
Eidolon: Odin

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