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Name: Terrence Velazquez
Nickname: Terry
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Height: 5ft 10in
Weight: 143lbs
Appearance: Let's begin with his hair, shall we? Dirty blond, the kind that would look like a yellow-nearing-brown in the day, and a clear brown-somewhat-yellow at night. Messy, and not growing in a certain direction. You could say it's a random fluff of hair, if you'd like. Actually, do so, he hates when people call it that way.

Descending (but not that much), well see a round face, with a nose that looks as if it had been ran over by a truck. Round, somewhat big eyes, that are also quite close one from another. These are of a dark green. Although no one seems to notice/care at all. His face ends up in a almost unnoticeable chin, with some hair round his face here and there, and a mustache that just began growing.

You'll find his complexion is thin... really thin... Thin as hell, actually. He's not build, but that won't mean he ain't any bit strong, no sir, he's got quite the loads of macho-force... or so he likes to think, dunno if it's actually true.

His height is... meh. His weight... meh. Nothing impressive, or outstanding for that matter. Why are you even taking the time to read about him? I should tell you by now he's nothing close to being interesting. You're welcome.

Oh, yes, his outfit... He's always wearing a gray casual shirt... Nothing special about it. If it's somewhat cold or not that hot, he'll also wear a black vest over it. His attire also depicts a regular pair of denim jeans (which are obviously blue). He wears a belt with a crest that shaped as a crescent moon. If it ever becomes to cold, he's made sure to always carry a scarf (hand-knitted by his mother) of a clear blue. It's thick enough to make his entire neck disappear whenever he's wearing it.

His sneakers are predominantly black, with a white stripe running around them. He will also wear a red cap with a white bird embossed in it (that may or may not be the Twitter logo), given the right amount of heat in his surroundings.
Branch of Sin: Hexagon Wire. Blood comes from the middle of his hand. It then proceeds to take the shape of an hexagon. Several hexagons join in cohesion, which is stronger the more BP spent. These conjoined shapes can then be used as a sort of whip, with the slight variant that they can slice through most objects (assuming enough BP was spent). The bigger the wire, the harder it will be to control (but it will also be harder to destroy). 1BP per hexagon. After 5BP, the wire is decently resistant, but not as strong as one would want it to be. Spending more than 12BP grants a somewhat strong wire.

History: Terry is the middle one in his big family. Two older brothers and two younger sisters. His parents weren't exactly caring, and are, in fact, often telling him how [insert a creative insult here] he is. This wasn't that way before. When he was just born, he would have caring and loving parents... But then his mother got pregnant again, and that love faded until not much was left. By the time his second younger sister was born, they no longer seemed to care for him. No one could really blame them when none of their kids were actually planned right? I mean, come on.

He was already reserved as a child, and the fact that his brothers manipulated him with such ease made it no better for all the trouble they got him in. Needless to say, his parents no longer trusted him by the time he was 6. They thought he was rebellious, or at least did his father. His mother knew it wasn't him who was a rebel. She cheered him constantly with hand knitted gifts... Or at least until THAT happened.

His mother never believed him to be a rebel, until one day, Terry's father had randomly begun to yell at them. It was then that, for the first time (at age 13), he had decided to stand for himself.

He slapped his father with all of his strengths. And then his father projected how furios he was... with his fists. Next thing he remembers, he was lying on the floor. Mother and father arguing over what had just happened. They agreed that it wasn't doing him any good to live with them, although they did for different reasons.

His father, as always, considered him to be nothing but a selfish punk. His mother was beginnig to think that he might not be as innocent as she thought, and feared that he would hurt any of them if he stayed with them. Even then, she knew it wouldn't do Terry any good to send him to some correctional institute of sorts.

Armed against the world with nothing but some clothes, money, and his trustworthy smartphone (which he had to save the money for by working his ass of whatever job he could get), he faced a new incarnation of terror; boarding school. Although he didn't really find it any different from his previous school. Over here there were also lots of bullies, who decided to bully him not only because he is a first-class geek, but also because HE cannot bully them back. Nor would he ever decide to put himself in their level by doing the same.

An then, one day, once classes had ended, he decided to check his email. While he didn't really read or pay attention to the subject of this particular message, he opted to run this DEADMAN.exe thingy, just for the fun of it. The portable device displayed the words deadman program initializing all across its bright screen. He couldn't react to what happened next, nor is he willing to remember. He just knows he is currently part of some psychopath's game that will probably end with a corpse party of sorts...

Movie conoscieur: Not just the kinda-guy that knows since when a movie is being filmed. But also the kinda-guy that knows EVERYTHING about a movie that catches his eye... mostly horrible and very sucky movies. Don't ever talk about ConAir in front of this dude... Just don't.

Geek: Yah, you heard right. The all time video-game-know-your-stuff-you-numbnuts quirk is within this guy. I really don't need to stress this more, need I?

Overly-Analytic: While not exactly willing to act for himself on ANY given scenario, he does seem to think ahead of things... way too much. Seriously, the fact that he analyzes things to much makes him look rather paranoid at times...

Password: ZOMG, I ate pie!!!1 :O

Themes: I have decided to go nuts on this part :B

Happy Go-Lucky Theme: Moonsetter
Geeky Theme: CasualVaNia
Theme of Sadness: Questant's Lament
Mischievous: English
Indiana-Esque Mood: Power Fantasy
Silly Terry: Pony Chorale
Overall Theme Song: Temporal Piano

Sample Post: Figured I might as well throw this in (from gimmepie's Pokemon Survival Challenge v2):
Kingsley Barajas
Of Colours and Mayhem
Part 01

Theme: Moonsetter

Noises in the horizon, a ship pops from beyond. Yet another addition to the Island's rooster of what could probably become survivors had joined. The name is Kingsley, one you shouldn't forget... Unless you don't appreciate your life at all.

"Pika!" Maxinne exploding with excitement.

"Yup, pi-freakin'-ka." Kingsley was still hesitant of him taking the right decision or not... He had yet to see, as the ship -and the challenge concealed within this island- had yet to begin.


Take a deep breath. Inhale, exhale. This is no different than Hoenn.It is just an island... with some psycho stealing Pokemon and doing god knows what to those who lose all their Pokemon... Not exactly the kind of thing he would like to analyze right now. But he couldn't help it. He just needed to know what that guy was up to... An army? World domination? Both? The amount of worst case scenarios is... huge for this particular case.

Trying to focus on something else, he throws the first Pokeball he can find on his bag, falling right in front of him.

"MANCE!" Dyonesse cries as she pops among the classic glitter and sparkles that come from a Pokeball.

"You, like... wanna walk around or something?" He couldn't ensamble a more decent question, his mind was just not where it needed to... That guy said something about Pokemon in the island... Maybe just being with them is what he needs?

"MANCE!" Dyonesse yells in a generic sign of approval.


"Zigzagoon!" A tiny raccoon laughed as it ran around with Dyonisse, quite a rare sight of a chase... Is that racoon actually chasing a Salamance?! Furthermore, the entire evening? Seriously, it's almost late night, they should be looking for some place to sleep at right now.

"He's got quite the nerve." King said to himself as he watched from a slight distance. These fields were filled of Pokemon that even he knew were cute. Sunlight reflecting on Dyonesse's capsule as he held it with his left hand. Eyes locked in it as he wondered if this would be the last time he would see any of his Pokemon.

It had been quite the while since he arrived, and he still couldn't shake those words from his head. Losing his Pokemon... never to see them again. Kingsley shrugged at the mere thought of it. He wouldn't lose any of his pals. He wouldn't allow it. At all.

"Goon!" The raccoon held an Oran Berry towards Dyonesse, who blushed and shook all around while laughing.

"God. Damnit. That's adorable." He said as he called Salamance from the distance, "Time to go, lovey-dovey!"

Salamance cried in joy as it flew towards Kingsley, who luckily managed to seal the dragon Pokemon back inside its capsule before being slammed by it.

"In case you're wondering, we'll probably hang around here tomorrow... just sayin'"

"GOON!" The raccoon cheerfully replied as he gazed King walking away, only to lay in the fields as if it was nobody's business. Kingsley knew he wouldn't find a hotel in the middle of the fields, so his only choice was to lay mid-fields... and hope nothing ate him while asleep...

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