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    Rory Oliver Carr aka Graviton

    Age: 27

    Height: 5’11”

    Weight: around 115-130 pounds

    Appearance: When one could describe Rory Oliver Carr, one could almost liken him to a regal dragon. Because of his upbringing, he acquired a posture of that of a high-class gentleman. He dresses like one too. His wardrobe consists mostly of green long sleeves and black suits. He is seldom seen dressed casually, and sees no reason otherwise. He attaches a pin, shaped like a black hole, in all of his suits.

    Physically, Rory Oliver Carr is not repulsive. In fact, given the right conditions, he could be charming. However, his narrow dark-brown eyes remind people of two deep pools of dried blood, on which sat a horn-rimmed glasses. His thin mouth curves ever so slightly, the way when most madmen’s mouth tends to do so. His coal-black hair is combed back, with a short ponytail hanging.

    (This is roughly the image I was going for plus the glasses and the ponytail.)
    Disclaimer: Image is not mine.


    Personality: Rory Oliver Carr is a ‘superior’ being; that is, he thinks highly of himself. He thinks that, as a mutant, he is not among the common population. “I am part of something higher: the Homo sapiens sapiens,” as he frequently says. Despite being able to control his mutation for a mere two years, he frequently shows it off among his peers. He instills fear among the most of them, and he prides himself in being able to do so. He has few friends among the common people because of this. Rory Oliver Carr does not think of it however. He preferred not socializing when the only people around are of ‘mediocre’ existence.

    With Rory Oliver Carr, it is always the ‘me’ that is important. While he is not a compulsive liar, he does not hesitate to lie his way when he needs the fulfillment of his goals. He uses his father’s money excessively to purchase things beyond his needs, simply because he wanted to spite him. His egocentric view sometimes gets the better of him as he gets frustrated whenever he cannot accomplish anything.

    Before his discovery of his mutation, Rory Oliver Carr is already a man you would learn to hate. He’s not the class bully type; instead, he’s the guy in the corner who does not give any thoughts to whatever (and whoever) is around him. He views other people as tools; tools to further his achievements, or tools to provide enjoyment when he is bored.

    However, despite being a semi-antagonistic individual among his people, Rory Oliver Carr is a passionate man. He spends his free time (that is, when he is not scaring the wits out of other people) writing poems and composing songs. He indulges himself in his hobbies as it trains his mind.

    History: Rory Oliver Carr was raised in a wealthy family. In fact, his father is a major stockholder in one of the city’s bigger oil companies. Being the only son of his parents, Rory Oliver Carr should have, logically, received great attention from his parents. However, that was not the case. His father became too busy in expanding their empire, so he seldom had time at home. His mother, though a housewife, met a tragic demise when Rory Oliver was a mere two-year old. He was raised by the numerous helpers enlisted by Monsieur Carr (his father.) Without any permanent parent-figure, Rory Oliver Carr grew up to be alone. Yes, his father sent him to a private school to study, but the lack of parent tutelage had a big effect on Rory Oliver when he started to grow up. He became a moody, and bossy, little child among the kids.

    He grew up with hate for his father; hate for not providing the need fatherly care he expected of him, hate that he failed to participate in his growing up. However, what he hated the most is society itself, for depriving him of what other kids were experiencing. When he graduated as *** laude after finishing a bachelor in physics, he immediately moved out his father’s house and started building his own life. His father felt how Rory Oliver Carr distanced himself from him so he compensated by still sending him a part of his fortune. Rory Oliver Carr spites him by spending all of this on things he does not need.

    He met the love of his life when he was 24. Maria Richardson Carr is the only thing that Rory Oliver Carr learned to truly love. People were shocked when they discovered that Rory Oliver Carr managed to marry someone. An incident when Rory Oliver Carr misjudged the power of his mutation and hurt Maria. This became his reason to turn himself in into the Xavier School for Gifted Youngsters. He needs to be able to learn how to control his powers if he does not want to accidentally hurt his wife again. Currently, Maria is living with a housekeeper in the house Rory Oliver Carr put up in the city of Boston.

    Mutation: Gravity Manipulation. By changing the gravitational field in each object, it could be repelled or attracted. It could easily be mistaken as magnetism, as its usual effect is attracting objects. However, Rory Oliver Carr showed that even non-metallic objects, like wood and plastic, are also affected. Rory Oliver Carr could not concentrate the field into a single object, resulting in a grouped attraction (meaning that he could not choose which specific object would be attracted.)

    Possible Branches: Repulsion/attraction of larger objects. || Concentrated explosions by manipulating the gravitational field around subatomic particles. || Flight. || Disintegration.

    Writing Sample:

    Rory Oliver Carr was jolted awake when the intercom from the cabin crackled. “Sir, we’re expected to touchdown in approximately fifteen minutes.” Rory Oliver Carr grabbed the microphone and snapped at the pilot. “I told you not to wake me up, until we’re there.”

    “Sir, its standard procedure,” the pilot answered back, his voice as gruff as ever. Even though Rory Oliver Carr seemed to dislike the pilot (as much as he did anyone else), the pilot served him well for the past three years. Rory Oliver Carr trusted the man among few chosen other people.

    “Standard or not, it is my plane. Therefore it is my rules. Get it?” He snapped into the mic again and closed it. He lost the want to sleep, so he took a glance outside. It was dark, probably around ten in the evening. He preferred to travel under the cloak of the darkness. Less people to play around with, and yet more inner peace. Rory Oliver Carr sighed. He’s been traveling for almost a few hours now since he decided to leave his wife. Maria. He never imagined that he could hurt her with his powers, but he did. Yes, it was an accident, but that does not disprove the fact that Maria is now in the hospital with a huge concussion. It does not either remove the fact that she does not want to talk to him. Maria…

    The small plane took a sharp turn. From the distance, Rory Oliver Carr could see the silhouette of an imposing structure. He assumed that it was the school, the Xavier School for Higher Learning. He unconsciously twisted his fingers in the same manner he was doing for the past two years. The small pebble in front of him floated then rapidly fell down, making a permanent dent in the wooden table. The pressure inside his ears was climbing. The plane was descending. Soon enough, it hit solid ground.

    “Sir, we’ve touched down.”

    “Don’t you think I did not feel that rough bump you called landing?” Rory Oliver Carr snapped back. He opened the door and the cool blast of air rushed in. He smoothed out the black suit he was wearing. “Captain, my bags?” The captain appeared holding a suitcase. The captain is around forty years of age with a generous amount of facial hair. “Here it is, Rory.”

    “No,” Rory said, getting the suitcase from the captain. “I guess my name will be kept hidden during my stay here.”

    “How do you plan to be acknowledged?”

    Rory Oliver Carr thought for a second. “I think… Graviton fits me well.” The pilot smiled. He held out his hand.

    “Well, Graviton. I guess we’ll not be seeing each other for quite some time. It is just right that we shake hands?” The previous Rory Oliver Carr shook his head. “No. You are still a mediocre person.” The pilot laughed and retreated his hand as Graviton walked towards the entrance of the school.

    EDIT: Added appearance and Personality, changed Mutation, started in History.
    EDIT: Finished History and Mutation.


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