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Consider this my reservation. Will get it done ASAP.

EDIT: Added the mutant power.

EDIT2: Added personality. Will try to get to the rest of it later.

EDIT3: Added pretty much everything else. I may add more to the sample.

EDIT4: I think this is the best it will get. I hope it's good enough.


Human Name: William "Billy" Campbell

Mutant Name: Hive

Age: 18

Height: 5'9/ 175cm

Weight: 149lbs/ 67kg

Appearance: To call William unassuming would not be stretching the truth. He stands at an average height, with some room left to grow a few more inches. He has a slim frame, but is athletic enough due to maintaining a rigorous cardio program. William shows off his Scottish roots with his thick, wavy brown hair, expressive light blue (bordering on a gray) eyes and light (yet somewhat peachy) skin tone. His hair is askew and hardly styled, often allow its waves to fly about freely in the wind. His expressive eyes are of average size, but remain to express more than enough emotion by themselves. William has a habit of communicating with his eyes, hoping others will pick up on his body language. That being said, he talks a lot as well, rambling on making such a quality a moot point in the end, unless one wants to catch him in a lie. His light skin never tans despite his best efforts, so he subsequently hides in his home unless urged to leave the confines of his parents' home. Only his arms and face have shade of color to them, making for awkward days at the beach. He has a youthful aura about his features, with few impurities staining his face. He has thin cheeks and lips, but a broad nose that adds some extra dimension to his face. William has a full yet thin beard, a result of a great deal of apathy towards shaving (he keeps himself quite groomed otherwise). Most people describe William as having a rustic charm about him, being attractive in a more natural manner rather than the photoshopped beauty of supermodels everywhere.

William is most comfortable in a pair of worn blue or gray denim jeans and a pair of equally worn black sneakers, having a limit on the number of shoes occupying his wardrobe. He wears darker long sleeve polo shirts, usually with the sleeves rolled up to about his elbow, though formal occasions with force him to wear the polo more naturally. A plain white undershirt is usually worn underneath, as William prefers leaving all the buttons undone but refrains from revealing much more than needed. William has invested in a couple of accessories, mainly a Rollex watch (stolen) and a couple of rings, which may or may not be stolen due to his long history of bending the law whenever such a behavior seems worthwhile. In addition, he has a few tattoos: the word "Legacy" written in fancy black script on his chest, a series of tribal tattoos on his arms (including the forearms) and a tattoo of his family crest on his back. William has considered piercings, but decided against such an investment finding them unattractive on both males and females.

Personality: William is narcissistic, self obsessed, impulsive and rebellious. William is rarely motivated by any form of morality, rather doing something for his own benefit or enjoyment. His desire for enjoyment guides many of William's actions, doing anything to get some sort of thrill. Sometimes it is as simple as pulling a prank, insulting someone or being a general nuisance. Other times, William will continue to develop his rebellious streak, breaking rules and contributing the ever growing chaos of society. As one could guess, William is overwhelmingly disrespectful, being rude to just about everyone unless they earn his respect or trust. As a result, he has few friends and looks up to even fewer. He's a compulsive liar, and convincing when doing so. He prefers to use his charm to advance his goals, recognizing these talents. He is something of a genius, but often overestimates himself and makes dumb mistakes, lacking the wisdom to properly use his natural talent. Perhaps his only real redeeming quality would be his sense of humor. William looks at life with a unique sense of humor, rarely taking things seriously. As a result, William remains calm in every situation never facing any significant amount of stress. This can have a positive effect on others as they will learn to look at the brighter side of things. Eventually. Additionally, William has an affectionate hobby of giving people he likes nicknames. So if he doesn't call you by your real name, it means he likes you.

However, William's mutant powers are taking a gradual toll on William's delicate mind. Because of the nature of his mutation, William's personality is being torn apart and put back together repeatedly. Imagine taking the human mind apart, shuffling around the pieces and then putting it together with glue and duct tape and you have an idea of William's personality is slowly becoming due to the overwhelming nature of his abilities. He is losing his grip on reality, making irrational observations and having full conversations with himself and his growing number of multiple personalities. These new personalities take root in different aspects of his own psyche. Some are based in an emotion while others are based on aspects of his own complete personality. Some are personifications of an emotion such as happiness or anger or sadness. Others are exaggerated qualities of his vast personality, such as a manifestation of an interest or hobby or something else. And some are repressed aspects of himself. Any these personalities and clones are continually used, they were become more realized. Additionally, William will continue to craft new personalities to cope with the rush of information they acquire and any strain his power will put on him. William's mind is the source of this power. The stronger his mind (or quantity of personalities, information, etc he has) the stronger he can become. As more personalities sprout up, the more overwhelmed William has the potential to become, potentially losing control of himself if William Prime (the original William) doesn't affirm control over the clones. It is entirely possible he can lose control to a clone, being influenced by them instead of the other way around. Sadly, William is relatively fickle in his own right making such a possibility very much a reality.

His growing insanity is causing a grand misuse of his abilities and questioning aspects of society that few would dare across. His morals continue to be stretched to a point of non-existant, progressively lacking any resemblance to the idea of remorse. To this end, William lives life with no regrets, rarely looking back at the past, living in the present whenever possible. What this also means, he has no problem crossing lines few would dare to tread near. William is and will continue to become completely amoral, doing what needs to be done without second thought. To replace these lost morals, William will possibly create new ones or toss aside such things completely. William himself doesn't know what is going to happen, as despite his intelligence and foresight his behavior is rather unpredictable. Perhaps William is becoming a philosopher, or perhaps he is just going crazy. Regardless of the reality behind the man, William is losing his mind. He is losing track on what he has done for example, losing bits and pieces of his memory, as he absorbs the memories of his clones upon reabsorption. But maybe creating new memories are the whole point. In the end, it doesn't matter. Because truth be told, he likes living in his own little world.

History: William was born and raised in Aberdeen, Scotland as the eldest child to a lovely young Scottish couple. Despite their youth, they held on their conservative values and worked hard to provide for their children. For all intents and purposes, they went about child rearing the right way, working to provide for them, guiding them through school, teaching them responsibility and going to Church to instill true morality into their ideal children. At first, William took these lessons to heart. But then he grew up. William grew bored of this "ideal" lifestyle, yearning for experimentation. And then the slippery slope began.

This epiphany that your storybook life was tiresome was when William was on the fringe of puberty. You could trace it back to his youth when William realized the Holy Bible lacked pictures, but that is besides the point. William grew bored of school, irksome towards his parents, and began to hate the entire concept of religion. The first acts against such a traditional system was minor at first. William would skimp on homework, being difficult with his parents and hardly pay attention at Church. It was fun for a while, but he needed a bigger rush. Something get the blood flowing. At school, he would hang out with the wrong crowds, cutting classes and "experimenting" with other activities. Crime, drugs, you know name it. As the years passed, the activities became ever more dangerous. His parents noticed the shift in behavior rather quickly and did everything they could to remedy William. Scoldings at first. Then therapy. It found the problem (he was going through a phase) but it never solved it. Church was no longer an option after William practically trolled a priest with a false possession. That was a fond memory.

Life took a sharp turn when William hit the age of 17. In his room, he suddenly found himself talking to himself. It wasn't the everyday moment when you have a conservation with yourself in order to clear your mind or reach a sudden moment of realization. No, William had literally had a full conversation with himself. A near perfect clone. William, unlike some who discover they are a mutant, was throughly excited by the moment. While he never obtained a great grasp on the power, William had enough knowledge to experiment and have some fun. He would send a clone out to school for him, letting him sleep. He would use a clone as a distraction when he wanted to steal something or start a fight. It would get him trouble, firmly believing that he was better at everything because of it. But it didn't matter. Being a mutant…it was fun.

However, he eventually got caught. He was found out and the Xavier School for Gifted Youngsters wanted him. He didn't know why and he was in no position to care. His parents thought a boarding school would reform their troublesome child they were now afraid of. That was fine. It gave him a new opportunity to make someone else's life miserable.

Mutation: Self-Replication
William has the mutant ability to create copies, or clones of himself that are identical in appearance, including items on his person, though for the most part this is strictly limited to his clothing. While he is not aware of his upper limit of clones quite yet, he so far has limited himself to only several clones at a given time. As of right now, he is most comfortable with five or so, but this number with greatly rise with time and training. William's clones are created through a process comparable to that of mitosis, literally splitting off him in a less than beautiful process. William's clones are mostly independent, capable of independent thought and decision making. However, they are linked to William Prime (the original self) while having the same mind so they often work for the same purpose as they have the same goals. Therefore while William cannot explicitly control them, he can influence them through these shared links.

William is capable of reabsorbing his clones, acquiring their memories and acquired skills or abilities, giving William a form of accelerated learning. The acquisition of these skills is far from perfect and the longer a clone has been active and the more knowledge the clone has gathered, the less William will be able to synthesize. William can have a number of clones active a single time as well, though it can come at some cost due to the nature in which these clones are created. Due to the rapid mitosis, William's clones are created by taking aspects of William's personality and emotions and creating a personification of it. More complete clones are stronger (due to being formed from larger aspects of his personality) and William Prime subsequently loses aspects of himself. The more he uses the power, the more diverse clones are created as William will have to create multiple personalities to sustain his vast number of other selfs he creates on a regular basis. Clones are capable of dying with little effect on himself, however if William Prime dies all clones will disappear.

Writing Sample:

It was a regular school night. Wait, no it wasn't. It was during finals season. William lost track of time way too easily. While school was far from his top priority, he didn't want to fail a class. In fact, despite his resounding amount of apathy, he was actually quite intelligent and got solid grades. The potential if he was to apply himself would be outstanding. The room was practically pitch black, only the light of his desk light and computer providing any illusion of daytime left. William knew if he peeked outside the silent night will overwhelm him. Overwhelm will the desire to seize the night and perform any misdeed he could imagine. Now wasn't the time, no. He had to focus. Just once. Just once he had to pretend to care. School was almost over. That is what he had to keep telling himself. William buckled down and hunched over his computer grinding out words like there was no tomorrow. Well, the paper was due tomorrow. That didn't do him any favors.

"I can't write anymair," William said with his relatively strong Scottish accent screaming through the frustration. He slammed his head on the table, resting his now dizzy self. He has been up for hours trying to finish out the paper. He regretted not at least giving it a quick look a couple days ago. But then again, hanging out with his friends to insult the new Irish kid was far too fun. William tried to remember why he cared and as he lifted himself from the table and lounged back in his chair. Right, it was the final few days of school. High school actually. William was going to graduate and then consider going to university somewhere. Well his parents wanted him to. That didn't mean he would listen. He hardly did to begin with. The last time he bothered to listen to them was when we taught him something useful. Was it how to drive a car? Probably. Or maybe it was advice on getting a job. He stared at the ceiling, what little he could see in the darkness. The shadowy oblivion was hypnotizing. He could feel sleep overtaking him. Wow, William was tired. More than he expected to be. That wasn't good. He sighed, resting his eyes. Just a couple of hours sleep should do the trick. Then he will blast

"Dean't ye know that you spelled "frustration" wrong?"

"Aye, thank ye. I'll fix it now," William perked up from his slumber and immediately went about fixing the error. How long was he out? Didn't matter. It was a simple mistake and probably a result of trying to pull an all nighter on a barely any sleep. Finals was really kicking William's ass. He would consider to stop overestimating himself, but that would be admitting that he wasn't the greatest at everything he tried. We are speaking of a man who can practically do anything if he gave a crap about it. "Wait a moment…" William shifted around in his seat facing where the mysterious voice came from. He couldn't real see the figure and turned to turn on a couple more lights on his desk. His parents were kind enough to add a number of lights near his desk in case any situation resembling the current one he happened to be in would arise.

"Hello!" The voice said, as William flicked on the lights. William's eyes took a few seconds to adjust the sudden flood of light. As his vision cleared, his expressive eyes widened in utter shock. William was stirred from his seat, the chair dropping like a rock with a fairly loud crash. The person was him. A near perfect double. A doppelgänger. William's mouth dropped and he swallowed, trying to regain his composure. He hadn't blinked since the reveal, but he forced several extended blinks to try to regain some grasp on reality. They circled around each other in perfect unison, William not removing his eyes from this copy. The copy in turn simply smiled, being rather joyful at the entire situation. The double mimicked all his moments with ease, as if they were connected. Not by something as simple as guessing what the other was doing. Something more. Something profound. Something impossible to explain. Was the clone reading his mind? No, that didn't make sense. Unless. Nah, that can't be right.

William thought that maybe he was just seeing things, but as he reached and touched the double's face, it was clearly a physical object. It was real. "Y-y-you are…" William began.

"Me?" The clone said. "Or would it be you? That be a tough nut to crack, right?"

William rubbed his eyes, trying to make sense of everything. Was the clone saying? William would be witty about something like this if it wasn't so damn confusing. Then again, it did support the notion that the clone could be legitimate. But what if William simply took too many drugs. He did successfully overcome a few addictions already, but let's be fair. He does have a poor choice in friends. "Where the hell did you come from?"

"Aye. I don't know. Maybe I just went and popped oot of nowhere. Oh, oh, oh! Maybe I am just in your head. Nah, that can't be right. Otherwise, this wouldn't hurt," the clone said slapping himself. "Ow." The logic wasn't full proof but one cannot feel pain in a dream. And he did touch this clone. It felt real. Everything about this felt real. He had considering that maybe he was just dreaming. But no, the clone felt real. This was real. William knew it. He wanted it to be real. It was too cool to hope otherwise.

"That doesn't help me figure out where you came from. Were you created? Like from a science lab? Are my parents trying to replace me?" William really wouldn't put it past them. They hated William. They wanted him to be more like his little brother, Jon. Rather ironic really, but then again Jon was a good kid. William had to admit that much. He was smart, obedient, dedicated and a well meaning child. He didn't inherit William's dashing good looks, but that was a once in a lifetime kind of beauty.

"Could you really blame them?" The clone questioned back, looking at William from the corner of his eye as he played around with the lights, flashing them on and off messing with William's eyesight. William got used to it after about the 10th time.

"No I guess not. But that doesn't really explain my concern. Were you created by some cloning company?"

"Maybe, but who would clone you?" The clone said with a chuckle. "You aren't that special, even if you think are. Or would it be think we are? This is terribly confusing."

"Yeah, good point," William said nodding his head as he looked back at his paper. No, that wasn't important anymore.

"I know. I'm pretty smart," the clone said with a sly smile, glancing at William who met his vision.

"Right. Comes from Wikipedia though." The clone and William crept closer together, making eye contact.

"Oh I love that site. Pressing random page is the best."

"I KNOW." Both "Williams" said at the same time at the top of their lungs. There was a moment of extended silence shared between them, as if they communicated without words. Just an exchange of thoughts, emotions and beliefs. Their eyes as their means of doing so, if even. Was eye contact needed? Maybe it was just a mutual understanding. Perhaps they spoke with their thoughts and didn't realize it. Perhaps it went even deeper. Whatever it was, it was beyond comprehension. Beyond anything they could understand. Or care too. The fact of the matter was, William was understanding something far greater. The clone was something special. William was something special.

"You thinkin' what I'm thinkin'?" William said.

"Do you really need to asking something like that?" The clone said, sighing a bit before the two laughed in unison. "The paper isn't that important anyway." With that William and his clone grabbed their coats and stepped out the room. The computer remained on, untouched for the rest of the night.


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