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Consider me interested…

Human Name: Renzo Santa Cruz

Mutant Name: Goat

Age: 17 or 18



Appearance: (Minimum one paragraph)

Personality: (Minimum two paragraphs)

History: (Minimum of two paragraphs)

Mutation: Multispectral Eyes
Robin is able to manipulate his eyes' ability to interpret light at different wavelengths. The pupils of his eyes rotate and change in size (and sometimes shape) in a process that's visually very similar to a camera lens going in or out of focus. By doing this, Robin is able to switch the wavelengths of light he sees, in order to "see" in infrared, or ultraviolet frequencies of light.

Possible "channels" include: True Color | Thermal | Night Vision | X-Ray or Microwave View | Sonar | Goat Eyes | etc…
Writing Sample: (Please provide a writing sample detailing EITHER When your ability first manifested OR First arriving to the X-Mansion. There is no minimum or maximum sample – please write naturally)
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