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Originally Posted by DrFuji View Post
One thing that I've noticed is that all of the seiyuu have shown themselves to be pretty good screamers which is awesome. Armin's scream at the end of episode 5 resonates with me particularly for some reason. Maybe its the epic chime music that sets it all up and lends an already important scene some extra power but whatever
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Originally Posted by Shadowraze View Post
No, all giants are known as titans. :3 And titans are classified with their heights.

There are 3-5 Meter titans, 7 Meter Titans, 15 Meter Titans, and etc... :3

And that huge guy is the Colossal Titan (So technically it is a titan :p) and it can't destroy the wall at all. It can only destroy the gate in the wall in order for other titans to get in the town.

Only the Armored Titan is capable of breaking and make a massive hole in the wall.
They should be called Eotens! :D
Eoten is the best term xD
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