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    Alomomola can be a huge pain to handle in the lower tiers (RU and NU). Its just such an incredibly bulky Pokemon, almost impossible to OHKO from the physical side and can even take some special hits if need be, meanwhile it eithers starts stalling out your physical attackers with a combination of Toxic and Protect or starts passing massive Wishes to her teammates, Wishes so big in fact, that she often ends up fully healing Pokemon with lower HP stats >.>. Regenerator makes her even harder to take down, as she can simply switch out whenever you send in a Pokemon that threatens her and passively recover just enough health to start the cycle again, possibly using Toxic as you switch your Pokemon in before retreating, meaning any Pokemon that could possibly take her will get worn down before they can land the final hit if you dont play carefully :/.
    16:46:03: Esca literally is 2HKO'd by Stoutland Fire Fang