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    This seems like an interesting challenge, I'll give this a spin

    To be honest I never watched the hunger games, so I ended up picking some of the answers at random, but I ended up at dist 11 which sounds about right. Fighting types are my favourites anyways Though I do wonder why dist 11 used to be bug/grass and is now bug/fighting?

    Username: Crescend
    Game(s): FireRed, and more if I succeed
    Ultimate: Maybe
    District: 11 (bug / fighting)

    Optional rule: Not capturing any duplicates, nor trading / hacking any pokemon in. I'm not going to use the 1-ups, because I'm a glutton for punishment.
    I was also thinking of going even more hardcore and not using pokecenters, until I realised I would've had no way of replenishing PP so I gave up on that idea.

    Team so far:

    Fisticuffs, lvl 16

    Fluttershy, lvl 12

    FurySting, lvl 11

    Rockington, lvl 11

    DaftFungi, lvl 8

    Fisticuffs demolished Brock, and I swiftly made an alliance with him to cover for my entire team's weakness against flying types. So far I haven't lost anyone, but I wonder how I am to level up DaftFungi without getting him killed. I can't afford to lose my only secondary grass type in the whole game. I just entered Mt. Moon, Fluttershy is making short work of all the zubats with Confusion.

    Edit: Day 2

    I made a terrible mistake. while fighting Misty, I was switching between team members to find an opening to use a potion on my main damage dealer DaftFungi with its bullet seed, so I could finish Starmie off safely. Swift was almost 2HKO'ing my FurySting and Fluttershy, so I thought I'd be clever and switch to Rockington to tank the swift and then safely switch back to DaftFungi on water pulse. But that was the chance Misty had been waiting all along. I realised my mistake too late, as water pulse destroyed Rockington. Sturdy did not save him this time, alas he had taken damage earlier in the fight... DaftFungi was able to revenge him, but she was nearly killed while trying.

    The gym was won, but the death of Rockington left a huge vulnerability in my team. There was no rock types to be found, not until Rock Tunnel which was still far away. Long story short though, I was able to overpower Lt. Surge with the brute force of Fisticuffs, and I was able to catch an Onix to fill up the vacancy in my team, and named it SolidSnake. I was a bit skeptical about having a defensive pokemon in my team at first, I've always been full offense but I must say SolidSnake has done a phenomenal job of keeping the team alive, he's like the great wall of China against all things physical. He even has nature Impish which gives +def and -sp.atk. RNG was in my favor that day.

    The team just after entering Lavender Town:

    SolidSnake, lvl 23

    FurySting, lvl 24

    Fluttershy, lvl 28

    DaftFungi, lvl 29

    Fisticuffs, lvl 29

    HM Slave, lvl 10
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