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I don't know if the OP is still asking, but I'd like to recommend the following hacks for anyone out there who wants to play some quality hacks:

This hack has amazing fakes, great mapping, solid scripting, and could easily be an official Pokémon hack. It's greatly polished, has a standard story that isn't too obtrusive or childishly stupid like some hacks on this site. It's got a great level curve, a well paced story and some challenging dungeons. Also, this is almost complete! The current beta has all eight gyms if I remember correctly, so you're ensured an (almost) complete experience. Finally, I appear in this hack, so it is automatically god-tier.

This hack has amazing graphics, challenging gym leaders and a great story! The events are really cool, and the game skilfully builds an immersive experience, which is something that I find many hacks fail to do. Even small details like the dialogue that Rocket grunts make is hilarious, and the mapping is stellar and is a great balance between realism (warehouses look like proper warehouses) and playability (very few, if any, one-tile-wide paths). DrFuji better quit university and finish this hack because it would be a crime to leave it unfinished.

Although this hack has been discontinued (and so you'll likely not get a full experience) the beta release has a great variety of small sidequests and interesting events that make it worth a play. Pokepal is a great mapper using FireRed tiles and the scripting is amazing. This is another hack that feels like it was something made by Game Freak - if only it was finished.

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