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    1. How many times do you think you've had it?
    Coming out swinging, huh? Way, way too many times, to the point where it's lost all appeal to me. I was never really that interested in sex in the first place. My sex life has been a disaster. I had a bit of a wild phase which ultimately ended when I got raped, and then years later when I tried to have consensual protected sex it contributed to the birth of my daughter. I was really skeptical about that, actually, but it turns out you can request a paternity test at the hospital after the birth and I am indeed the father. It was just something that was destined to happen regardless of any condom or pill or anything. Abstinence is, indeed, the only reliable contraceptive.

    2. What age did you lose your virginity, providing you have lost it?
    I was young. Like, 14. I regret not waiting another four or five years.

    3. Have you done the dirty deed with guys and girls?
    Just girls. By the time I realized that I'd be alright doing it with guys, I also realized that doing it in general is pretty lame and I'd rather just go get Arby's or something.

    What do you think of people who have sex often, with many different people?
    Do whatever you want, man. Just be prepared to blame yourself when **** hits the fan because ultimately you're the only person who you have the right to blame.
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