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Damien Pierce
Front Lines

Jacob got up and walked the opposite direction spurting some crap out about being a 'lone wolf'... More like being suicidal, but if that's what he wanted, Damien wasn't about to stop him... He shook his head disapprovingly and started off the other way.

He was heading towards Nick's position when the fight between the two tribes spilled up into his path. A few pokemon decided he was a easier target and charged towards him. He pulled up his 416 and quickly put down the first two with a shot to the head each, but the third one just wouldn't go down. Damien peppered it with a clip but it was still standing, and now it was to close to reload. Damien threw the rifle to the ground and whipped out his Knife, which came out of the thick padded holster with that signature sound.

The Tropius swiped it's paw at Damien, but he ducked under it. While the mighty pokemon recovered it balance, Damien stuck the knife into it's throat. He pulled the knife out the yanked up the muzzle of the beast and slit it's throat, the knife sliding slowly through the thick hide. A stab to the brain guaranteed the kill. Damien pushed the lifeless, but still standing carcass down to the ground and wiped the blade clean on the fur before holstering the knife to its spot on his sholder.

Damien picked up his rifle and slapped in a new mag then went about finding a way around the fight. He cut up through the woods back up to route 110 so he could go around. He was greeted by a bullet almost going through his skill and then someone yelling "Holy sh!t. You're really lucky. Sorry, though you were a poke."

The rest of the troops had arrived! Damien quickly hoped onto a jeep and took control of the mounted .50 cal. This was going to be fun after all!
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