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Originally Posted by alienhunterx View Post
Too bad Ash lost against Cheren. This is so unfair guys. After such hard work in the Unova league. Sometimes I hate Oshawott for coming out and lose in the battles
If it was Pikachu or another Pokémon, I wold have called shenanigans. Since it was Oshawott though, I cut the writers some slack for having Ash lose. As much as I love the little blue otter and as much as he's grown since, he's still one if Ash's weaker links.

I liked this episode though! I liked Cheren not being totally comfortable with his new position as gym leader yet and I liked seeing him as the instructor type. His VA was not what I thougt it would be though. I say this with glee of course, because in the games I always felt as though Cheren came off a bit snotty so to speak. Another reason why I liked this version of Cheren more.

Taking what we've seen thus far intoperspective, the N series has been delightfully enjoyable.
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