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    I know I’m about to break all the rules – asking for the prices of sets instead of individual cards, and asking for the price of more the 4 things at once – so if you don’t want to price these, I completely understand!

    Just in case you are willing to though (and I’m more than happy to wait patiently if you feel like you need a while to price them; I’m in no particular rush to find out!) I'll leave a list of my sets, all complete and in nm/m condition i.e. the majority are mint, with maybe 20% having minor imperfections:

    Base (unlimited)
    Jungle (unlimited)
    Fossil (unlimited)
    Rocket (unlimited, 84/83)
    Gym Heroes (unlimited with 1st ed. Moltres as if that makes a difference . . .)
    Gym Challenge (unlimited with 1st ed. Gyarados and Charmeleon)
    WOTC Black Star Promos (53/53 with Ancient Mew as well)
    Southern Island (in a Southern Island folder with the six postcards - such a pretty set!)
    Best of Game (all with winner stamp apart from Prof. Elm who I understand is not available with a winner stamp?)
    Gold W Stamp
    A set of holo energy cards with the same design as the base set energies (not sure what to call this!)

    I also have most of the original Prerelease cards (Misty's Seadra, Dark Gyarados, Aerodactyl [gold and brown stamp]), but I guess these are fairly worthless without the Clefable!

    As you can see, I'm a bit of an old school fan :D Anyway, I realise I'm breaking all the rules here (and I’ve probably written too much too . . . ) so if I've overstepped the mark feel free to tell me where to go! But if you do somehow manage to find the time, thank you so much in advance! You do such a superb job!