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Hey everyone!~ So I went ahead and set up a thread in the challenge forum for "The Shiny Hunter Challenge"! If anyone has suggestions for rules/optional rules let me know! I kind of just made everything up because I didn't know where to go with it other than basing it around shinies. Haha. Here's the link: If you're already doing a run or something similar feel free to join even if you've already started or even if you're not doing exactly what the rules state (let me know so I can expand!) I hope a bunch of you here are interested in doing this with me! =3

@TSE: Maybe set a certain amount of time aside for eevee hunting and do a little every day? Or instead of time do a certain number of eggs? Then you can dedicate the rest of your free time to the race but still spend a little time on eevee every day.

@Dimitrius: Congrats on the Pichu!

@Janske: Congrats on the Charmander! I wonder if the saving thing is legit or if it's just a happy coincidence? .....I still hold down and B when catching pokemon. c_c;

@Slenderman: Thanks for that link! Not that I need more shiny hunts to add to my list... xD

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