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    Hey just wanted to give some feedback for this game. I have just been playing through the beginning, and have hit Viridian City and at this point.

    Mostly it has been great to play through. Great interpretation of Pallet Town and Route 1! I feel a bit unsure of what is canon in the game... You mentioned Gary and Ash, and that the events of Red/Blue happened a year prior to the main character starting their adventure. Does this mean that Ash = Red and Gary = Blue, or are you working off of the anime interpretations, or possibly a mixture?

    I have discovered two glitches (not super important ones though.)

    Glitch One: I caught a Nidoran female and re-named it. However when I confirmed the name, it asked me to name it again. Perplexed and convinced I pressed the wrong button when confirming the name, I proceeded to name the Nidoran female again. When I then looked at my party, I had two Nidoran females in my team.

    Glitch Two: If you walk a few squares north just as you enter Virdian City and walk around the building you enter it through, you can walk on the mountainous areas of Route 22. The mapping of the trees and the gate between Route 1 literally becomes the mountains that are in Route 22.

    EDIT: Okay, so I read over the thread and get where you are heading with story etc.

    Found a glitch in Cerulean City area. When following the Charmander, I tried to speak to it from the right (in the area where in runs away the second time) and the game glitched as it had nowhere to run due to the following Pokemon blocking its escape...

    Also a glitch occured where almost all the floor tiles blacked out which made the game near impossible to play. This happened after the Rocket/Squirtle Squad situation.