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my team is almost all from Pokemon black but there is one Pokemon i had in pearl i would like but i lost my game that Pokemon is luxray anyways this is my team. i'm also training this team right now because my old team would not be allowed to go in any competitions.

Serperior: it has a lot of good moves for power and its fast by nature so i think its a good fighter

Zoroark: i have a plan with this pokemon when i'm using is since we has such bad defences

Marowak: i use because of its defense and bone rush which is a strong attack (sometimes not so though)

Heatran: he's the newest part of my team but using him i found him to be like a tank when taking damage (his moves stink for now though)

Jellicent: since it has recover and it has good defense it is used until its ability takes place

Emolga: my second newest pokemon is has good moves and is very fast which really helps in strategy still weak though