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Ugh, high was a vast improvement socially and academically.

I found my classmates to be immature and eager to appease the high school gods that were a the top of the caste system. Most of which ended up pregnant or impregnating, didn't go to college or make something of themselves, and have failed to move passed the social structure of high school and moving into the real-world social structure.

Not to say I was completely at the bottom of this social pyramid, but I would say that I was more of an unchartable rebel. I didn't engage in school spirit since the football team didn't deserve more admiration that any other student organization or sport, nor did I want to be friends with people who were usually incredibly nice to me given that I was involved with every club and sport in the school, yet ridiculed other students who were deemed unattractive or socially/cognitively impaired.

For instance, a boy with limp and a cane was walking to a table to eat lunch. At the table of football players/cheerleaders, one of the guys stuck out his heel and tripped the boy, who subsequently fell on his face and spilled his tray of food all over himself. The entire cafeteria started laughing once the boy, who also had cognitive impairments, began screaming in a fetal position on the floor. I hesitated for a good ten seconds, waiting to see if someone else would assist him, and then I made my way across from the other side cafeteria and pulled the boy up on his feet and walked him through the lunch line again. Until that point, no one did a thing, as it would not be cool and defy the social elites.

I couldn't have cared less, well I mean, when it came to standing up against a ridiculed student or something equivalent. I did cave-in on some aspects, such as my sexuality, which no one questioned since I was well-versed in playing it straight. In college, and life, in general beyond the teenage years, most people would have assisted the boy.

Let me say it again...ugh, high school.
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