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So, next update for Egypt. Era:
Got HM Cut and taught it to Meowth
At Diglett Cave caught Diglett and change it with Pidgeotto
Trained on Route 11
Ekans evolve into Arbok
Zubat evolve into Golbat
Diglett evolve into Dugtrio
Got Bicycle ticket, return to Ceruelan and got Bicycle.
At Vermilion Gym, defeated Lt. Surge and get 3rd Badge
Got HM Flash and go to Rock Tunnel

Current team:
Golbat, lv.23, BRAVE nature, INNER FOCUS
- Wing Attack
- Astonish
- Supersonic
- Bite

Ivysaur, lv.26, QUIRKY nature, OVERGROW
- Razor Leaf
- PoisonPowder
- Leech seed
- Sleep Powder

Meowth lv.25, MILD nature, PICKUP
- Flash
- Cut
- Bite
- Pay Day

Dugtrio, lv.26, RELAXED nature, SAND VEIL
- Sand Tomb
- Magnitude
- Dig
- Fury Swipes

Beedrill, lv.22, MODEST nature, SWARM
- Twineedle
- String Shot
- Focus Energy
- Fury Attack

Arbok, lv.22, SASSY nature, INTIMIDATE
- Wrap
- Glare
- Poison Sting
- Bite
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