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People who wear socks with sandals. It just looks ugly to me.My brother does it and at least he wears black ones to match his sandals but it still annoys me.

Little kids with cell phones too. Anyone under 13 shouldn't have a phone cause the only person they might really call is their parents. Actually just any little kid with technology they don't know how to use well. Like a laptop, why does a 8-year-old need a laptop? Just get a family computer.

How society thinks you must have a boyfriend/girlfriend as soon as possible. If you're 10 years old you shouldn't be concerned about dating. Any kind of affection or feeling at that point is usually just puppy love. At 10, all I cared/worried about was school, playing with friends and Pokemon. Wait until your in high school to be concerned about/start dating.

Lastly sagging. It looks awful and is just getting worse and worse every year. This trend has been going on since the 90s so it should of stopped by now. The trend needs to die soon.
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