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    xD miltankRancher. Guys, just to speed it up, I am posting the third chapter and the two new characters introduced into it today.



    Spinarak grew to level 4. Charmander grew to level level 7. It wants to learn Ember. Will it? Please respond.

    The Pokeball shook once, twice, three times, four times, five times, CLICK! You caught a level 5 Teddiursa knowing Covet, Scratch, Leer, and Lick. Its ability is Pickup (now I roll two items for you each post.)

    You have found a Repel (You can encounter one Rare without having to encounter three commons afterwords.)


    miltank: The Sawsbuck chases you into a clearing, and you run through it. You collide into a boy who is standing by the side of a house.
    Midnight: You are listening to music, when suddenly, a older guy flies through the clearing and collides with you.
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